EP 490: From An Unsteady Market in 2023 To A New Framework For 2024: Annual EPIC Planning Call! (Replay)

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This year, I will break down my journey, my wins, my mistakes, and what I learned along the way. I will share with you the biggest mindset shifts you can make in conjunction with the framework that helped propel Carrot to get on INC 5000’s fastest-growing companies list for 5 years to scale your business in 2024!

Here’s What You’ll Learn On This Call

Plug & Play Framework

Download my entire plug-and-play framework for crafting a 1 year and 3 year business strategy that grew Carrot into one of the fastest-growing companies in America 5 years in a row.

Biggest Mindset Shifts

Why I’ve shifted my focus from years of “fast growth” to a sustainable business that gives me and my team joy while staying profitable.

Shift income into wealth

I shifted my active income into long-term wealth, the financial modeling I use to ensure all my eggs aren’t in 1 basket, and how I’m hedging against inflation in 2024.

Reflecting on 2023, it’s been quite a rollercoaster. None of us could have predicted the twists and turns it brought. And as we step into 2024, the future remains uncertain. In these unpredictable times, we must ask ourselves: “How do we keep our focus on what truly matters?” That’s why I’ve hosted the “EPIC Planning Call” for the past five years to share the blueprint I use for success.

This process has secured our spot on the INC 500/5000 list and empowered us to thrive amidst challenges. It’s a plan that brings freedom rather than chaining us to the grind.

Watch the Replay here <<<<

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