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From 0 Leads To 15 Leads Per Month

Brittany uses Carrot websites and SEO to generate 10-15 leads per month. Her websites rank on the first page for multiple keywords in Baltimore and she regularly closes deals thanks to Carrot. Read about Brittany’s experience with Carrot and the strategies she uses.

Brittany B
Baltimore Wholesaler

This case study includes:

  • Hear Brittany’s “startup story”
  • Learn how Brittany got her first online motivated seller leads
  • How long it took Brittany to get ranked #1 or #2 for her main keywords
  • How she closed her FIRST deal
  • The BIGGEST OBSTACLE that she had to overcome
  • Her mindset shifts and what she did on a daily basis
  • Why she’s 100% focused on online “inbound” lead gen w/ Carrot
  • (she’s closed 4 deals in the past 4 months from online leads)

Brittany was focused, determined, and worked her butt off at the beginning to get the results she’s earned. Brittany did purchase the 3 Lead Per Day Training program upgrade (only $99) and applied the training diligently for several months to get her high rankings in Google and the leads that have come with those rankings. Your results will vary.

Note: The 3 Lead Per Day Training lays out a plan, so if you don’t have plan, adding this training to your subscription may be a good option for you after you sign up.

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Investor Carrot Candid Customer Review - Brittany Bolling

I get about 1-2 phone calls a day and probably 4 online leads a week.

Brittany InvestorCarrot Seller Leads
Real leads from inside Brittany’s account

Brittany focused on outbound marketing before finding Carrot

“Before I got involved with Carrot I was just like all the rest of the wholesalers doing direct mail, a little bit of bandit signs, a lot of cold calling, door hangers, and a lot of offline marketing to generate traffic.”

Brittany started real estate investing in 2010 and like many decided to use outbound marketing to find motivated sellers. She said her biggest problem with this type of marketing to attracting sellers and buyers was trying to juggle a full time job, being a mom, and hunting down leads. A lot of the time the leads she was calling were confrontational or uninterested in her services.

Because of Brittany’s busy schedule a lot of her marketing was done on the weekends or during lunch breaks. That isn’t the case anymore. Brittany was able to quit her job and focus on her real estate business full time.

Then everything started clicking

Brittany found Carrot by doing a simple Google search and found a course taught by David Corbaley, which teaches real estate investors how to generate leads online using inbound marketing.

Inbound marketing is the opposite of outbound marketing and puts you in front of leads that are looking for your service.

Carrot is big on online inbound marketing. Driving traffic to a great looking site that converts is the biggest advantage Carrot websites have over other real estate investor websites.

Brittany purchased David’s course, which is the same course that Carrot offers as part of our trainings (our 3LPD training). In fact, we have updated this course to be more accurate and more effective for helping investors generate leads online through SEO, Pay Per click, and other traffic driving marketing methods.

Brittany’s biggest takeaway from the training with David was learning about keyword research, why you need a website, and how to approach marketing from a different angle.

“I found one squeeze page and started putting keywords on there. I was trying to incorporate all of David’s trainings on one page. Which wasn’t going to work. I knew I needed a full website.”

After struggling with a simple landing page, Brittany connected with Adrian, a respected real estate investor, (and now Carrot team member) about what he was doing with his online marketing. Adrian recommended Carrot websites and Brittany signed up.

The SEO started paying for itself month over month

“I learned how to do keyword research which is really important. I implemented the trainings and around late June or early July I started getting leads. Started out at 1 a week.”

But Brittany kept focusing on her SEO and making sure her pages were optimized for her local cities that she was investing in. Once she started generating leads she learned a lot more about her need to improve her negotiating and estimating skills.

Brittany’s website took off and started to climb the SEO rankings until she found herself on the first page for multiple keywords that motivated sellers were typing into Google.

The leads eventually started building up to the point where a VA (virtual assistant) was necessary to help keep things organized and help with SEO.

Brittany then added a few more layers onto her traffic generation strategy:

  • YouTube videos and optimizations
  • Craigslist posts (which her VA managed)
  • Refined SEO strategy

“With the keyword research we did some social bookmarking, blog commenting, YouTube video marketing and then incorporated the keywords in the content provided by Carrot and I really saw my website climb in the search engine results.”

I really enjoy it because in my opinion the online leads are some of the best leads out there because they are people looking for your help, they are looking for answers and sometimes those leads are people who have their property listed with realtors. Some of them I can’t help but then I can refer them to others.

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Leverage Carrot’s Proven Inbound Marketing Platform

If you want to experience results similar to Brittany’s then launch a Carrot site today. Take advantage of the same SEO tools, trainings, and resources that Brittany implemented to get her site to the top spot on Google.

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