Josh J.
California Wholesaler

We closed 10 deals this year from OnCarrot

Also we’ve noticed we’re getting a lot more consistent with online lead gen. Took a while to get established but it’s very consistent now. Closed 10 this year from OnCarrot, but the margins are always higher from internet leads. Thanks for your help this year!”

The big takeaways from this case study are:

Age is only a factor if you make it one

Online marketing and SEO, especially for motivated house sellers, isn’t quick and isn’t as simple as just putting a website online and sitting back

Setting a site up on Wix was not the best idea

Tweaking content is the first important step

Their leads come from a mix of different marketing strategies

The Loopnet strategy works and is something every investor should be doing

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In their first full year as real estate investors Josh and his brother Adam closed 18 deals and when we shot this case study with them in January 2015 they closed another 2 deals that month alone. 4 of those deals came from their SEO (search engine optimization) efforts through InvestorCarrot… totaling over $32,000 in gross profits!

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One Deal Equals Free SEO For The Year


The 9-5 Grind Isn’t For Everyone

Josh was working as an administrative assistant for a law firm before taking on real estate investing as a career. Josh knew early on that the 9-5 cubicle lifestyle wasn’t going to suit him.

Josh started studying the real estate investing industry and says he suffered from paralysis by analysis which is a common limiting belief of real estate investors who are just starting out.

“We started doing direct mail and I created a Wix website. Obviously that didn’t work out too well.”

Josh and Adam started with direct mail their first 6 or so months of investing in real estate. They were able to close a deal with direct mail and went in with another investor on a purchase and rental deal.

But Josh said after a couple months of direct mail they started looking into the online side of marketing their real estate investor business.

“Just like with anything, you have to be persistent with your marketing.”

Small adjustments to the content gave us a big SEO jump in the search rankings

Josh and Adam personalized their InvestorCarrot website to fit their needs. Because they were focusing on SEO they decided to rewrite most of the content on their site. Although it took some time and wasn’t an easy process. It has paid off.

Their website ranks really well after they rewrote much of the content.

The website converts well because of the design layout InvestorCarrot websites come with but the added SEO benefit of rewriting their own content has really given Josh and Adam a boost in driving traffic.

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