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Meet the Carrot Lead Generation Hub — a website so powerful, we don’t even call it a website anymore. Carrot clients report a 7x higher lead-to-deal conversion and an increase of $13,932 profit per deal, while gaining consistency and predictability in their online leads.

Over 7,000 trust their businesses to Carrot. Why? Better performance. Higher ROI. World‑Class Support.

Carrot’s website and lead performance numbers don’t lie…

…generated by members

68.9 percent faster

…than custom WordPress sites

2.5x higher profits

…on Carrot leads than non-Carrot leads


An Online Lead Generation Hub to attract and convert more leads into deals

If you’re a real estate investor, wholesaler, flipper, or hybrid agent, you need more than just a “pretty” website to deliver your content. Every lost deal from an underperforming website costs you $10k, $20k, or more. See why top investors and hybrid agents use a Carrot Lead Generation Hub instead of a low-performing custom website with costly tools.

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Get started with the best-performing websites in the industry in 3 simple steps

Step 1: Launch your Lead Gen Hub

Easily build it yourself with our intuitive tools or have our in-house team do the heavy lifting for you to really stand out.

Step 2: Leverage Evergreen Marketing

Attract and convert motivated leads to your new hub with credible authority content and search engine optimization.

Step 3: Close more leads into deals

Our closing rate is up to 7x higher than outbound marketing alone. Gain extra freedom as you grow your business.

We have more success stories than other companies have clients

We help investors and agents scale ROI, and grow consistently. From hyper-local operators to national brands. Listen to what some of members have to say.
Check out some of the 123+ member wins we’ve published →

Beau Hollis Investor, Wholesaler in Louisville, KY

*Carrot User for 6 Years: Advanced Marketer Plan, Facebook Master Class

Jessica Wilkinson – Investor/Agent Hybrid, San Diego, CA

*Carrot User for 4 years: Advanced Marketer, 3 Leads Per Day System

Keith Sant – Investor, Tacoma, WA

*Carrot User for 4 years: Advanced Marketer, Craigslist Training Course

“We run paid ads for hundreds of investors so performance & conversion rates are very important. We’ve tested custom websites, landing pages, Carrot competitors and I can say that Carrot sites convert better than the alternatives! Carrot sites don’t just convert by getting cheap leads, the leads we get from Carrot sites also have a higher conversion rate to booking appointments and contracts sent.

Bryan Driscoll – Investor, Pennsylvania

*Carrot User for 5 Years: Advanced Marketer Plan, Carrot Marketplace, Carrot Landing Pages


Carrot leads the industry in performance

Over 97% of real estate prospects search online before deciding who to work with. What potential clients find about your brand may determine if you win or lose the deal.

  • Carrot lead gen hubs are 69.8% faster than custom WordPress websites and consistently higher converting.
  • Easily launch and personalize your Lead Gen Hub with our simple drag-and-drop Visual Editor.
  • Build hyper-focused hubs with our different Website Templates to attract and convert leads.
  • Amplify your lead generation and conversion efforts with targeted Landing Pages.

“Google stated that page speed is a direct ranking factor in Google search results. Carrot stood out in my results like a cheetah in a world of slugs. Carrot websites are just plain fast. By some measurements, Carrot sites are twice as fast as Squarespace. Consumers notice and it converts better.

Adam Doppelt – Founder, 3rd-party online expert


Carrot clients control more page 1 rankings than any other system in real estate

If you want to attract the most motivated leads online and build local authority, you have to get in front of their Google searches. Our Evergreen Marketing tools give you that edge.

  • Schedule and post our Content Packs to create effective pages that build trust and credibility.
  • Always know where you rank in Google and learn how to move up the rankings with Keyword Tracking.
  • Discover which keywords your competitors are ranking for and other hidden opportunities with Keyword Explorer.
  • Utilize our intuitive SEO Tool to quickly optimize any page (even if you’re a beginner).

“I’ve been able to grow my Google rankings as a newer investor in one of the most competitive markets in the country. With a Carrot Lead Gen Hub and the training, I now get leads every week and I’ve been consistently closing some of my most profitable deals from my Carrot site and Google. My ROI has been well over 20x this first year alone and I’m looking forward to growing from here!”

Zach Shelley – Investor, Texas

*Carrot User for 2 Years: Advanced Marketer Plan, Carrot Marketplace (SEO Services), Carrot Coaching Calls


Streamline and scale your business with our easy-to-use tools

We give you the information you need to confidently make data-driven, lead-based decisions. Use Carrot’s simple Lead Manager, or send your leads to your own CRM application with our powerful integrations.

  • Use our Lead Manager to track, organize, and manage all your real estate leads.
  • Create simple Campaign Tracking Links to report on and scale your paid or social campaigns.
  • Take informative action with deep Analytics to understand site traffic and lead behaviors.
  • Get instant SMS Text Notifications on new leads and to reduce your time to follow up.

Learn and grow with industry leading support + our thriving community

You don’t have to go it alone. Our passion is helping you build a business of freedom and impact. Master Evergreen Marketing and leverage Carrot’s legendary customer support team + a community of thousands of real estate marketing and sales pros just like you.

Expert Training

Enable you and/or your team with expert knowledge from our weekly LIVE Carrot Coaching Calls, the 30-Day Evergreen Marketing Challenge, free marketing guides, and Carrot events.

98% Satisfaction

Amazing support is a core part of the Carrot experience. You’ll always have a place to turn, whether it’s to our Support Hero Team, or to the online Carrot Community.

Professional Services

Get the performance of Carrot, with a design you love, all while saving time. From the Concierge Setup to the Quickstart, our in-house team can work with you to do the heavy lifting.

Carrot Marketplace

If you want to outsource efforts to drive traffic, (SEO, Google PPC, or Facebook ads) the Carrot Marketplace has vetted top-notch Carrot Certified Pros to help you scale.

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