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There are conversations happening all over the web.
Get in front of leads with real estate content for social media.

Easily share content on your social media channels

Carrot has built in sharing buttons on every page and blog post in your account.

Simply click the share button and you will have the opportunity to write a quick post and share it on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+

This is a great way to promote your weekly real estate content for social media or a landing page.

Easily advertise on your social media accounts

Carrot makes it easy to integrate 3rd party tracking scripts on your site.

Did you know you can show ads to people who have previously visited your website? It’s called retargeting and it’s one of the highest ROI marketing activities you can do as a real estate investor.

We have a whole training on Facebook marketing in our marketplace.

In the meantime, get started here with our most comprehensive Facebook marketing post.


I am really digging it (Facebook Masterclass). My website it getting new interest- new hits, with lots of page looks.


I took his advice I put up a bunch of ads on craigslist, Facebook and backpage. The result of that is in about 24 hours I was able to get my first cash buyer lead!


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