Speed Matters: SMS for Real Estate Marketing

It’s critical to strike when the iron is hot. Get an instant SMS notification when you have a new Carrot lead. Call or text the lead straight from your phone in seconds.

7x more likely to close a lead.

In today’s digital world, most sellers and buyers expect quick responses from businesses they want to work with. A study from the Harvard Business Review found that firms who contacted leads within an hour were almost seven times more likely to qualify them. For a motivated seller the timeline is even shorter. Carrot’s SMS for Real Estate Marketing Tool was built around the concept of following up instantly with a motivated seller. Get notified when you have a new lead and instantly call or text the lead.

One of the best decisions I made for my business. I started my website back in 2017 and have only used SEO to generate website leads. This website alone will be over $200k in net profits by the end of this year, this is just from organic leads. Can’t say enough about how well my website and landing pages rank on google.

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Your team members in mind

You can configure the SMS notification to go to whoever you want on a form by form basis. That means if you have a business partner, acquisition manager, or VA…they know when you have a lead as soon as you do. Customize the information that is sent so you can control the flow of your lead data.

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