Hosting is included in every Carrot membership

We don’t believe in nickle and diming our customers.

There is no extra fee for hosting your Carrot websites.

We get asked this question a lot…

“Do I need a hosting service with Carrot?” The answer is no.

The price of hosting is wrapped into your subscription because we know you need hosting to have your website online.

A lot of companies like NameCheap and HostGator will sell you the domain name and then ask if you want hosting. This would be the ideal route if you were setting up your own websites on a shared server.

But with Carrot, your website is on our servers so no need to hassle with that technical set up.

Having your hosting through Carrot has some distinct advantages

  1. We are always monitoring up-time (so your sites stay live)
  2. We follow industry best practices on server security and performance
  3. You aren’t sharing your server with spam sites and unethical websites
  4. We have a team making sure our servers are fast and load your websites quickly
  5. You don’t have to mess with any of the complicated setups with hosting a website.

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