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EP 21: Location Rebel: Build A Business With Passion, Purpose, And Travel With Sean Ogle

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Location Rebel: Build A Business With Passion, Purpose, And Travel With Sean Ogle

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The real motivation wasn’t to start a business. It wasn’t to help other people start a business. It was basically to get myself on a path that was going to make me happier in life.Sean Ogle

MORTALITY… It’s easier to talk sports, weather, even politics than our mortality. Time is our most prized asset. So why do we misuse so much of it?

Don’t let your business trap you. It’s happened to me and it happens to more entrepreneurs than those who find true freedom.

But the choice is yours, and our guest today, Sean Ogle, a good friend of Trevor’s, has found a way to structure his business around his passions and purpose in a big way.

A 6-hour work day, world travel, amazing experiences, and no regrets. Learn how Sean does it and how you can too.

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In this inspiring episode of the CarrotCast, Sean and Trevor discuss…

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2:10 – Sean’s primary business right now… Location Rebel
3:20 – Backstory of struggles and how one trip to Rio changed his mindset.
6:30 – Starting his Location 180 blog and becoming the first Tropical MBA student.
8:10 – The magic that can be created by not only constructing a Bucket List but also sharing it with others.
14:00 – What CRAZY Life List item Trevor was able to cross off while raising money for a worthy cause.
15:00 – Sean’s biggest Bucket List items he’s checked off and what exciting items are on his list now.
18:00 – How to structure your schedule to work less but be more productive and have more fun. Parkinson’s Law.
22:55 – How to cope with the guilt of working non-traditional hours in a non-traditional career.
34:30 – The World Domination Summit and the impact it has on others.
37:00 – Sean’s 3-Step process to build a career online. What awesome idea he has!
39:20 – Where Sean envisions his business and other ventures in the next 2-4 years.
43:15 – How to implement your ideas to build a lifestyle that fits within your goals.
45:45 – Why it is important to be intentional with what and why you’re building something.
51:05 – The amazing butterfly effect when you start helping a number of people.
53:15 – If you were to take a leap or a risk… ask yourself “what is the worst case scenario?”

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