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owner: Stephen

This is my Japanese Akita, Yukihana. Born in Russia from European show champion parents. She’s the only member of the household with a valid passport lol.  She’s your typical Akita; curious, intelligent, independent, and extremely protective. When she’s not patrolling the windows to bark at the bears you’ll find her napping curled up at my feet keeping me warm. She’s an awesome companion and the fluffiest member of my family.

Joey Tribbiani

owner: Ryan

Joey is a 1-year-old mini Rex which is a French breed. He was born in Roseburg, OR and was a foster originally. He was brought to many of the local elementary schools as a show rabbit for kids. :slightly_smiling_face: We adopted him at 4 months old, and he’s been with us ever since! He’s also under the impression that he’s a small lap dog. Likes: Carrots :carrot: Kale, Cilantro, Bok Choy, dehydrated bananas, big stretches under the coffee table, and bunny jumping through the house. But his all-time favorite is chewing up the carpet when his parents aren’t looking!

Dislikes: Bedtime

Kiwi, Coconut, & Fig

owner: Jonathan C.

Meet the tropical-fruit-trio, each extremely unique and fun! Kiwi (Westie mix, right) is the loyal follower, extrovert, and food lover. Coconut (Havanese, middle) is the athlete who will play fetch and swim as long as you have the energy to keep up with him, Fig (Yorkie mix, left), is the lounger, loving to relax in any sunny spot he can find.


owner: Jesse

Louie is a 2yr old Border Collie/ cat mix – stuck in a Boston Terrier/ French Bulldogs body. When he’s not snoring like a bear on the couch or following his owner’s every move… he’s nudging a ball at their feet for his favorite game, FETCH. Louie’s favorite things in life consist of toys, a good nap & food. And of course the occasional human… but only because they have this awesome ability to throw his ball really far.


owner: Brendan

Hailing from the North Pole, and weighing in at 170 pounds of pure energy… for 5 minutes a day, Larry loves to lay around and watch Denzel Washington movies, eat promptly at 7am and 4:30pm, and wrestle with his girls. Even though he takes up a lot of space, he enjoys traveling, sightseeing, and the occasional visit to restaurants where he can fit. And, while enormous, he has no idea his own size or masculinity. He is a big chicken who doesn’t bark, loves kids, and nestles his paw into his mouth for long naps. Larry also shares a birthday with our oldest daughter.

Givenchy & Versace

owner: Blake

Givenchy and Versace, Blake's dogs

Givenchy and Versace are twin frenchtons (French bulldogs mixed with Boston terrier) who love to sleep, snuggle, and above all else play ball! Versace takes pride in how many wiffle balls she can chew through and destroy, while Givenchy watches manically from the background…… these cute doggos have designer names but are not afraid to get down and dirty! They mostly enjoy running around like wild banshees, snoring louder than any human ever could, or eating a pupaccino from Starbucks. If you need to get ahold of them, you’ll have to leave a message since you’ll probably be interrupting their beauty sleep.


owner: Pete

Behold Natty. What she lacks in stature she makes up for in sass.  Natty is a 10-year-old chihuahua who was rescued from hurricanes off the gulf coasts many years ago. In her free time, she enjoys snacks, sun puddles, throw blankets, Netflix, and getting her way.  Her favorite possessions are her stuffed carrot buds and taco costume.

Yuna & Tidus

owner: Jonathan K.

Yuna and Tidus are Westies, both born and raised in the PNW. They’re natural-born foodies, love to make their presence known, and have become opportunists since a little human became a part of the family. When they aren’t home, they enjoy long walks on the beach, hiking up trails, and chasing away birds, rabbits, and squirrels.

Rex and Tbone

owner: Beth

Rex and Tbone are two rescue cats living out their confinement with their human servants in Chicago. Rex is younger and very much the annoying little brother. He enjoys waking Tbone up from his many naps by biting him in the head. Tbone returns the favor by pinning Rex down. When they aren’t sleeping or playing, they enjoy watching birds and squirrels through the windows and dreaming of catching them all. Tbone’s main talent is semi-accurately judging the temperature to be warm enough and demanding every window in the house be open.

Griffey The Weimaraner

owner: Alex

Griffey is a legend. He is often heard barking or scratching at the door while his owner is on calls. When not trapped in the office, he enjoys runs at the dog park and in the woods. He is a world-class fetcher. He has a keen eye and nose for all sorts of animals so you better have a strong grip on the leash. He treats himself to whatever he wants in the house and often eats leftovers off of the counter. He is currently living his best life by eating all the food that is dropped on the ground by his owner’s twin daughters.

Julius and Cleo Harris 

owner: Cam

Hobbies include: Sleeping in Dad’s office chair, pressing every button on the keyboard, fighting over the window hammock, and watching CatTV (check it out if you haven’t already!)
Favorite food: Tuna
Favorite toy: whichever makes the most noise
Favorite time of day: 4AM

Link & Orion

owner: Chanelly

Meet Link – AKA: Stinky Linky, Linkage, Tinkies – like the hero of time in Zelda, but just like the character, he connects people together (plus he’s our little protector)! He’s teeny-tiny with a big personality – like 5 pounds of sheer energy! He loves belly rubs, taking all his toys out of his toy box, rolling in the grass, car rides, food of course, and curling up to nap in random places. Sometimes he’s sour (the mailman is his nemesis), but mostly he’s sweet. Just the cutest doggo you’ll ever meet!

Meet Orion – AKA: O-Ro, O, Oreo – the twinkle of my eye, the star in my sky! He’s been full of curiosity and adventure ever since he was a baby. He can smell a banana a mile away and will be sure to circle you for treats! He loves doing binkies and flopping down for a nap anywhere his heart desires (although he mainly likes the closet and being underneath something with a roof.) You may or may not be worthy of petting him in his eyes though, but food will fix that!


owner: Brady

Motown is an Australian Shepard.
Likes: herding humans, sitting on feet, and shedding


owner: Nate

This is Nate’s muse, Midnight. He also goes by “panther”, “handsome”, and “big guy”. He loves belly rubs and stalking his prey in the grass. :v::skin-tone-3:

Clive Staples Kitty Graham

owner: Danni

Clive was the first baby of the Graham household and continues to expect the same treatment now that there’s an actual baby around. Clive’s greatest contribution to the family is keeping stray articles of clothing and/or blankets warm during his naps. He loves to be scratched and smacked on the butt and firmly believes that water is only drinkable if it’s in a glass cup. So yes, that means his “water bowl” is a cup on the counter. There’s a lot of Clive to love but has been taking his zoomies a bit more seriously lately and is working on shedding a few pounds. His owners love him a lot and spoil him with his favorite foods (string cheese & poppyseed muffins, don’t @ me) more often than they should.

Olivia Sevilla Sullivan

owner: Grady

Oli is a ~ 5 to 8-year-old pocket pit from the streets of North Philly. She super vicious and will kill you will kisses. Her favorite thing to do is snuggle on the couch or in bed and she could probably sleep all day if we let her. She’s definitely a homebody and doesn’t like to venture too far from the house. When she get’s super excited she enjoys spinning around in circles and running back and forth as fast as she can. She loves just about any treat you give her, especially pita bread, but has a particular dislike of salads or anything leafy.


owner: Kelly

Discovered in a dumpster in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Sabotage represents an almost prototypical American rags-to-riches story. Best friend!