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Our Exclusive Concierge Service
For High-Performers

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  • A high-converting website that is 100% suited to your business.
  • Credibility & brand integration directly into the fabric of your site as it becomes a recurring brand asset for you.
  • Re-written content by our copywriting team will help you perform within Google and increase the overall conversion rate of your website, turning overall traffic into high-quality leads.
  • A jumpstart with SEO as our team dives in and optimizes the site to get you started in the right direction.
  • A clear game plan for what to do next from our expert Customer Success Team.

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What Makes a High-Performing Site?


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The first thing you want a site visitor to see is that you are trustworthy, experienced, and have a solution to their unique situation. Highlight at a glance why your potential clients should choose you: testimonials, videos, trust badges from BBB, Facebook, Google, etc.


People want to know who they are working with. Why should they choose to work with you? Introduce yourself with an image. Set yourself apart from your competition by highlighting your expertise, years in the business, and branding. Go even deeper and tell customer stories of how you went above and beyond for a client.


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Localizing your site has the unique ability to, by itself, add credibility. Make it clear that you aren’t a big corporation taking advantage of someone in a dire situation. You care and know about the community and will help walk your client through this stressful point in their life.

Don’t think it matters?

Work with us to ensure your high-performance site attracts and converts the right audience, and creates a differentiated customer experience that gives you the edge over the competition.

Site With Minimum Resources


  • 3 yr old site
  • Less than 1/4 of traffic is organic
  • Less than 1% conversion

Fully Built Site


  • 4 yrs old
  • Over 1/3 of traffic is organic
  • Over 10% conversion rates

30 Days To A High Performing, Personalized Website!*

  1. Gather your resources.
  1. Place your order and meet with the Team
  1. Start getting organic leads!

Here’s What You Get With Your Purchase…

Personalized Branding

  • Logo We’ll incorporate a logo you provide throughout the site (including responsive resizing for mobile devices).
  • Update the colors used throughout the site to match the branding you’re going after.
  • Format your company and personal bios (required) for your site to build connection and credibility.
  • Make some unique “non-standard” design updates for your site that normal Carrot websites don’t have available, to help your design stand out even more while still retaining the Carrot Conversion Framework that makes your websites perform so well (two revisions).

High-Level Strategy

  • The Concierge Setup includes our resident experts diving in with you on 2 Google Meet calls to discuss strategy and direction.
  • Our Strategists will help you lay out a simple plan to implement over your next 90 days to integrate your new website into your overall marketing.
  • 1 Extra follow-up Strategy Call can be scheduled 2-3 months out as well to help make sure your marketing plan is on track.

Credibility Boosting

  • Build out your testimonials (3 required, can add up to 15) and format them for the greatest impact.
  • Add any credibility badges that you have, such as Google Reviews, and BBB (if you’re accredited).
  • Create 2 property pages (for cash buyer’s sites). Just send us some recent or current properties you have for sale and we’ll create pages featuring those properties.
  • Verify your contact info is accurate throughout the site.

Localized Lead Capture

  • Customize your auto-reply messages that go out to your leads when they opt-in (our system sends one message automatically).
  • Tailor each page of content to your local market.
  • Provide us with photos of your local area, houses, neighborhoods, etc. and we’ll incorporate them into your website to increase the “local aspect” of your site.

Re-Written Content

  • Key to increasing your chances of ranking well in Google is having unique and robust content. Our copywriting team will work with you to create engaging and high-performing content (30% unique content)(one revision) 
  • We’ll localize your content for your primary markets to show you’re a local expert in those areas.
  • Your unique selling proposition (why should people work with you) will be weaved throughout the content to set you apart.
  • Localized pictures will be added to your website.
  • 10 city-specific landing pages with localized content.

Technical Integrations

  • Domain name
    Purchase your domain name anywhere you want, and send us the details. We’ll connect it to your site for you!
  • CRM or Email marketing system
    We integrate directly with platforms such as InvestorFuse,,, MailChimp, and REIPro. There are several other CRM platforms that we can integrate with via Zapier, so just be sure to let us know what you’re using!
  • Social media accounts
    Once you set up your social accounts, send us the links and we’ll add them to your site!
  • Google Analytics
    Track your traffic in detail. Requires you to set up a free Google Analytics account.

Have Your Localized, Personalized, and Optimized Site
Up and Running in One Month!*

What do you need to get started?

*Timelines: Our goal is to get your Concierge Setup completed in 30 days (approximate timelines) to get your business on the road to success! In order for us to keep the project on track, we will need time commitment from you during the process. It’s understandable that life and business get busy but we’d like you to get the most out of this Concierge purchase, so please take the time commitments into consideration before purchasing.

*Member Expectations: Our designers are awesome and know how to spin up a site design that looks fresh and unique, but since this site is representing your business, we’d like YOU to be a part of the process! We ask that you be available to devote time to review the mockup design within 48 hours of receiving it and give feedback on elements such as colors, pictures, icons, and layout.

We ask that you be available to devote an hour or two to review the updated content within 4 days of receiving it to request any changes you might want to be made to the tone of voice or the company information (don’t worry, we’ve got SEO covered!). If you are unable to meet these expectations, timelines will be extended.

Testimonials From Carrot Members


Investor Dallas, TX

Carrot + Adam Mitchell, Investor, Dallas, TX

“Kim was outstanding”

“Kim was outstanding. She listened and understood what we were looking for, and was always ready to jump in quickly and take care of any concerns or questions we had.”

“Very satisfied!”

“We loved how friendly and responsive the team was with our questions and any concerns we had. They were super awesome!”

“The website looks AMAZING!”

“Emily, you have been such an incredible help through the entire process. We had a number of unique issues pop up during the process, particularly the hurricane and a brand new baby, and it really created some challenges to say the least. Thank you, mostly, for sticking with us through this time. You were always patient, very helpful, extremely knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with.

“Taylor was great to work with”

“Taylor was great to work with. Very responsive, patient, and willing to help.”

“the most thorough web designers I’ve ever met in my life.”

“You guys are the most thorough web designers I’ve ever met in my life. That you’d actually build me a site that looks this awesome and then, help me this entire time with me wanting to change things and then you following up with me and going over everything… Usually, it’s like ‘here’s your site, see ya!’ I’ve never met a company like ya’ll. My only recommendation to you guys would be to double what you charge for this.”

“Kim is always so responsive and helpful.”

“Emily is always available for helpful advice.”

“…did more than expected…”

“Very helpful, did more than expected on the site. Thinking of things I did not think about.”

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