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“I closed my first Facebook deal. $5663.00 assignment fee check received.”

Forrest McGhee Forrest McGhee
Forrest Buys Houses

“…I am constantly closing deals from Facebook. And with Kiley’s guidance, I am constantly getting better and better…”

Zac Wilson Zac Wilson
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Facebook Leads Masterclass – FAQ

Do I need to know anything about Facebook?

No! The course will take you from start to finish. In fact, this is the exact same process Kiley has used to train multiple unexperienced marketers into Facebook experts

What if I am already running my own ads?

Perfect. The course will help you optimize and improve your current campaigns. We have designed the instruction so that anyone can follow it — you could even have your VA or cousin/nephew/intern take the course and start running your ads for you.

Who created the course?

Kiley has spent more than 20 Million dollars in Facebook ads over the course of his career building companies to more than 70 million in annual revenue. Since 2016, Kiley and his team have spent 1.5 million dollars and generated more than 20,000 motivated seller leads for their clients. Long story short, Kiley knows Facebook inside and out.

Do I need a Carrot site?

Sort of. The course will only show you how to put the Facebook tracking code (pixel) on a Carrot site, but most developers will know how to help you do that on your non-Carrot site. Carrot sites are built to perform and convert leads so sending traffic to an underperforming website will probably cost you money and headaches. Also, the course does include a free Carrot trial, and we’d love to see you crush it with a Carrot website.

What is working right now with Facebook?

Video: People consume a ton of video content (we can pull data), Facebook knows that, so Facebook wants more video in people’s news feeds. Facebook wants people to stay on the platform longer. All things equal, Video ads cost less because Facebook will give them priority.

Where should I start?

The lowest hanging fruit is Retargeting.

If you have a website and have traffic going to that website without Retargeting, you have a major hole in your marketing!

90% of people who receive direct mail will visit your website before calling, and the average motivated seller makes more than one visit to your site before they fill out your lead form.

That means most people (96%, actually) do NOT fill out the form on their first visit and when they don’t you are throwing caution to the wind hoping that they will find their way back to your site.

Website visitors who are retargeted are 70% more likely to convert, and when paired with Digital Ads, direct mail has a 28% higher conversion rate. Long story short, Retargeting plugs a critical leak in your marketing by keeping your brand and business top of mind for potential sellers.

What should my ads look like?

Your ad is made up of a couple pieces

  • Visual
  • Text (or Ad Copy)
  • Headline
  • Button/Call to action

For the visual, the top performers are images of homes in your area (localization!) and customer testimonials.

With your text you MUST make sure that your message matches your audience. If you are targeting a Probate audience, don’t talk about tax delinquency. Here is an example of a top performing probate Ad Copy

“Did you recently inherit a home? We make the process of selling that home quick and easy for you. Don’t spend any money on repairs, or worry about cleaning it out. There are no open houses, commissions, or fees. Click to learn more.”

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