Carrot’s 90 Day Inbound Real Estate Marketing Action Plan

Get a step-by-step breakdown of how to leverage Carrot’s online inbound real estate marketing platform to attract sellers, buyers, and tenants.

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90 day inbound marketing plan cover

It only takes a few clicks and you have a real estate investor website up and running. But what do you do after that?

How do you generate inbound marketing leads for your real estate investing business?

Should you focus on PPC and Craigslist to get your first seller leads or to build your cash buyers list?

What about a timetable? When should you have these marketing strategies in place for your real estate investing websites?

Carrot’s 90 Day Inbound Real Estate Marketing Action Plan will help you break down exactly what to do to get your first 100 cash buyer leads and your first 30 seller leads.

Once you have the action plan, use the guide as a checklist and methodically work your way through the guide. By the end of the checklist, these online marketing tips for real estate investors will help you drive more traffic and convert more leads.

If you don’t have a Carrot account implementing these marketing strategies on your website could be more difficult, take more time, and be less effective. If you want to learn how real estate investors are generating 43,000+ leads every month and ranking for more 1st page, Google keywords, check out our demo for investors.

Over there, you will see just how easy, feature-packed, and awesome a Carrot website is, and how powerful it can be for your online real estate investing business. If you are marketing for motivated sellers, cash buyers, rent-to-own, or note buyers, you need to take a demo and see Carrot can offer.

Inbound marketing for real estate investing is a great use of your time, but you have to make it work by doing putting the right processes in motion.

Not every investor will want to use search engine marketing for their website, and that is okay, use this guide and action plan to understand what is right for your business.

We will be updating this page with a webinar to help you get the most out of the action plan so you can implement it in your real estate investor marketing strategies.

Adam Adkins

Carrot is awesome! With some small localization to my front page and driving Facebook traffic to the site I have the #1 rank for “Sell my house fast Jacksonville NC”.

Adam Adkins Via Facebook

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