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Everything You Need to Start Running Effective Real Estate Investor
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Creating an ad on Facebook is actually pretty easy, consistently generating motivated leads month after month is much harder. And it gets even tougher with Facebook constantly changing guidelines and best practices – most recently removing Special Ad Audiences. In this guide Kiley and JT of Silver Street Marketing will break down the exact structure they’ve used to generate hundreds of thousands of motivated leads – you’ll see the exact targeting and audiences, how to allocate your budget, which ads perform best, and more. This guide is over a decade of experience, millions in ad spend, and countless hours of experience all distilled into a simple to follow outline.

What’s Inside?

In-depth video training + companion PDF guide

Detailed targeting and budget breakdowns

Top Performing Ad Examples –
including images and copy

3 Keys to long term success

The exact structure and strategy used by top investors

How to target highly motivated sellers using Facebook – and the best retargeting audiences


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