What Is Your Energy Ratio?

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One of the biggest things that can kill our happiness and energy in life and in work is by working on things that drain our energy.

When you shift what you do every day from energy drains to things that GIVE you energy… things within your Unique Abilities… it’s amazing what happens to your happiness, productivity, and progress towards your goals.

Use this energy audit at least quarterly to continually shift more and more of the things you do in life and work towards your Unique Abilities… the things that you’re great at and GIVE you more energy when you do them. A fulfilled life and high energy work week can’t happen without over 50% of your activities being “energy activities”. The highest performers operate in the 70%+ energy range on a weekly basis.

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Hey Trevor, huge carrot fan and big supporter of the excellent customer experience ya’ll provide. My partner and I started with FlipPilot and the difference is night and day. The amount of value you guys provide through the podcast, online tutorials, and insanely responsive/professional/knowledgeable customer service is unparalleled. Keep up the incredible work.”


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Fastest, most up-to-date websites available. The staff is exceptionally knowledgeable, and they just keep on improving. There’s nothing static about them or the sites they create. And, as an extra bonus there is a huge amount of training available!

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