16 Point Real Estate Investor Website Conversion Checklist

3 simple ways to get 17% more seller & buyer leads with no extra traffic.

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16 point real estate conversion checklist

Why online lead conversion for real estate investing matters

Having a great looking website that ranks for top real estate investor keywords is important. But it is only half the battle.

Many real estate investor websites fall short when it comes to conversion rates.

A conversion rate is the percentage of users who take a desired action on your website. For real estate investors this could be…

  • Making a phone call
  • Opting in on a form
  • Downloading a free report
  • Or contacting the investor through email

The way your website is set up can often determine how likely a user is to convert. If your form has 12 fields to fill out before a user can submit a request to get a call back or a quote they will most likely abandon your website before completing it. Especially if a user is trying to fill out forms on a mobile device.

Our testing has shown that 3-4 form fields are a sweet spot for leads to convert.

Not only that but we have set up our website with a two step opt in process. Our websites ask for basic information upfront and pass that information to a second step. 

The psychology behind the second step is proven.

If someone commits an act they will likely see it through to see the results of their actions.

Filling out step two forms usually happens at a high rate on our customer websites. Because we pass the first form information over we are giving the user less work to complete step two.

Not only that but for those users who do not complete the step two process the websites are still capturing a name and email.

Our testing has found many subtle ways to increase conversions to find more motivated sellers, buyers, tenants, and note buyers.

How to use Carrot’s conversion checklist


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