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and 1,490 Split Tests…

Here’s What We’ve Learned (New Research)

“3 Simple Tweaks The ‘Market Leaders’ Use To Boost Online Leads & Profits By 245%… Especially In The Most Competitive Markets”

“For $100 why wouldn’t I just test it compared to what I am doing now and my leads more than doubled. I didn’t realize at the time I had a broken website.” — Tom Cafarella, Boston’s #1 Home Buyer

“Once I did that simple math equation, my marketing game-plan became crystal clear and it turned into over $611,681 in new revenue in 2017” – Brian Rockwell from Dallas, TX

“About double the amount of leads if not more. Also has a lot to do with increased traffic based on city-specific landing pages, blog posts, tags, and categories all indexing.” – Tyler Ford from Phoenix Arizona

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