Craigslist Ad Templates for Real Estate Investors - See the Time-proven Ad Templates That Have Produced 80% of the Leads Top Investors Get Online.

Craigslist Ad Template

‘Get Your Free Craigslist Ads Template’

See the time-proven ad templates that have produced 80% of the leads top investors get online through Craigslist today.

Attract more motivated sellers, cash buyers, tenants, buyers and private lenders with these ‘done for you’ templates.

You need leads.

Most real estate investors will either go to Google, Facebook, or Direct Mail to find their leads.

But many forget about another place that leads are hanging out and searching for answers…Craigslist.

Both buyers, tenants & sellers are on Craigslist looking for apartments, their next rental property, or how they can sell their
house without an agent.

Two things are necessary for a successful Craigslist campaign.

1) Follow Craigslist rules (when to post, how often, what you can and CANNOT post, etc.)
2) Have ads that convert leads, that is, they come to your website to learn more.

The ad templates within this resource are what some of our top performing investors use to generate cash buyer, motivated seller and rent to own leads on Craigslist. Download it now and get started!

Free Craigslist Ad Templates

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Probably the most valuable part of the website is the support and online tutorials that are provided. They not only provide info about how to set up your site, but also teach you how to better your search engine rankings. You will have to put in the time to make your website work well, but they provide great resources.


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