Real Estate Investor PPC Report

Inside: 600+ highest profit motivated seller keywords, the results from the biggest investor PPC study analyzing more than 3 million PPC search terms and 5,500 house seller leads, and how to consistently convert with PPC.

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Everything You Need to See Which Keywords Are Producing Deals.

Carrot helps generate tens of thousands of leads every month for real estate professionals. Here, you’ll learn the results from our biggest study on over 3 million PPC search terms and 5,500 house seller leads that lead us to the most profitable list of 600+ keywords for motivated house sellers. You’ll get the full list, the advanced guide on how to consistently convert more profitable motivated house sellers with PPC, and a full walkthrough of the study showing you how to improve your PPC ROI and reduce costs.

What’s Inside?

  600+ highest profit motivated seller keywords

 How to improve PPC ROI and reduce costs

 Why Keywords + Traffic x Conversion
Higher Profits

 Advanced guide to consistently convert

The exact high-value keywords that lead to deals

 Why real estate PPC leads convert to deals
higher than average


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