Announcing, the NEW Drag and Drop Visual Editor

Carrot's New & Easy to Use Visual Editor is Here!

Early access Visual Editor BETA- Available to our Advanced Marketer Members

Limited spots available! Early access to the new visual editor is by invite only. As an Advanced Marketer Member you get access to our new tools first. However, we anticipate many people will register for a limited number of spots, so request your access today! Beta members will be expected to provide feedback to help shape the future of Carrot.

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How Our Beta Program Works…

1. Get a first look at our new Visual Editor. Edit your site visually with blocks to streamline updating and creating new content.

2. During the Beta, you don’t need to do anything to activate the editor. We’ll do that for you. Your site will still work just as it always has, but you’ll also have access to all of the new features the Visual Editor offers.

3. Our experts are busy fine tuning and adding features and your feedback will help shape the future of Carrot

Request My BETA Invite

You’ll get access to all the Visual Editor features like…

No more “bouncing back and forth”

No more “bouncing” from the editor to your page to see what your page will look like. You can see your forms, hero section… everything just the way they’ll look on your page

Gain ease of use

Without sacrificing the high performance of the Carrot tech and conversion stack (Wix is easy, but is among the slowest loading website builders.)

New “Blocks”

That let you easily create cool design and content elements without code that were never possible on the traditional editor. We’ll continue to work with you to discover other blocks we will add to the mix to enable even more design and content differentiation

Full Screen Mode

That removes the clutter from the editing screen and gives you a true visual editing experience for the content sections of your pages and posts

New and improved SEO Tool

That allows you to optimize your sites for multiple keywords (other enhancements coming soon to this too!)

Much much more…

Our team has been busy building a ton of extra features to make editing your site simpler and less time consuming. Your feedback will help us make the new visual editor even better!


Sign Up For Visual Editor Beta Now

Remember, early Beta Access is only available to our Advanced Marketer Members and we have limited spots available.

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