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I interviewed 10 top real estate investors on their exact strategies for 2019 – 2020 on how they’re scaling their marketing, increasing profits, standing out, and building a company that serves them in the middle of this shifting market. Get access to all 10+ hours of content for only $99 below. 

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“We got 4 deals into contract this week…”

“I just attended your 2 day carrot marketing summit and have been watching all the videos on how to improve SEO, let me tell you that we got 4 deals into contract this week, 2 of which are SEO. 2019 is going to be an epic year for our company!” –
Erin Pennington / Marketing Manager / Laurel Buys Houses

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From The Desk Of Trevor Mauch
– Roseburg, OR – May 25th 2019

Whew! It’s halfway through 2019 already. Has this year panned out like you’d hoped? Well when we decided to hold the Market Leader Summit earlier this year, over 3,000 real estate investors tuned in online over those 2 days.

Day one we dove into how to stand out in this crowded market, where the top investors are shifting their attention for their lead generation in 2019, and how they’re increasing their closed deals even when companies like Offerpad, Zillow, and OpenDoor are getting into the “ibuyer” market.

Day two was about how to help you get more freedom, flexibility, and impact.

Ever since we held the summit we get people reaching out to us asking “How can I get access to the summit recordings?”… because they’re more relevant now than ever.

So we’re releasing them in FULL this one last time at the same discounted rate we offered them at in the pre-sale for a short time only. Grab them, execute the strategies to close out 2019 strong, and stand out from your competition.

– Trevor

Market Leader Summit 2019 Speakers

We thought the Summit would be good. But the sessions and speakers ended up being even better than we’d hoped. They shared detailed information about their campaigns, their shift in marketing strategy, struggles, processes and more. Check out the topics below…

Day 1
What Shifts Are These Investors Making To Drive More Leads In 2019  + Closing Deals

Opening Session: Kicking Off The Summit!

Trevor Mauch CEO of Carrot + Adrian Nez

Tech Changes In 2019 + Why The Big “ibuyers” (opendoor, offerpad, zillow, etc.) Are A GOOD Thing If you Do THIS

Trevor Mauch CEO of Carrot + Adrian Nez

The “Price Gap” Wholesalers Will Have To Close In 2019 To Succeed (And how he makes competition irrelevant during cold calls)

Beau Hollis – CEO of SimplySold – 12+ Deals Per Month in Louisville, KY

After Doing $1M+ In 2018, What is Max’s Plan For 2019 To Scale + Thrive?

Max Maxwell – CEO of Cash Homes Triad – North Carolina

Controlling SEO In 2019 – SEO Strategies From 2 Solo Investors Pulling In Multiple 6 Figures 100% From SEO

Dave Brown – CEO of Sell Now Home Buyers, New York; Tyler Ford – CEO of “We Buy Homes Tucson”, Tucson, AZ

Breaking Down The Data: How The BIG Investors Are Still Making Direct Mail Work (optimizing every step)

Christina Krause CEO of Postal Impact + CEO of Delaware Property Solutions

200+ Deals In 5 Markets In 2018 – What Is Titanium Investments Strategy For 2019?  (plus how they bake purpose into their company)

RJ Bates, Cassi DeHaas, Jamie Wooley Co-Founders of Titanium Investments in Dallas, TX

Multiple Exit Strategies In 2019 (if you’re wholesaling like you were last year, 2019 will be tough)

Alex Joungblood CEO of + Founder of Wholesaling Houses Full-Time FB Group

The Opportunity Of A LifeTime w/ Opportunity Zones + The State Of New Construction + Financing Your Deals

Daniil Kleyman CEO of and Doug Fath CEO of Legacy Capital

Day 1 Highlights Summed Up + The Glue That’ll Hold All Marketing Together In 2019

Trevor Mauch + Adrian Nez + Potential Guests

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Day 2
Building A Business For Freedom, Flexibility, Profit, And Impact (systems, hiring, and more!)

Day 2 Kick-Off Session: Book Give-Aways + Building A Business vs. A Job

Trevor Mauch Carrot CEO + Adrian Nez + Friends

How To Increase Productivity, Build Momentum, And Actually Enjoy Your Business Again

Alex Charfen Inc. 500 CEO + Consultant to Billionaires, Fortune 500, and more

Building Simple Systems To Give You Time Freedom And Energy In 2019

Dan Schwartz CEO of InvestorFuse

The Critical Mistakes Investors Were Making In 2018 That’ll Put Them Out Of Business In 2019-2020 (tightening your ship to capture huge opportunity)

Jason Medley CEO of Collective Genius Mastermind

A Candid Convo on Building Teams, Millionaire Mindset, Why True Wealth Will Be Made In 2019+ For Those Who Know Where To Look…

Joe Evangelisti CEO of FlipKing + Mark Evans DM 8 Figure CEO + Author 10 Minute Business Owner

Is Multi-Family Over Heated? Why Tim Is Doubling Down On Multi-Family In 2019 (1.5k+ Units)

Tim Bratz CEO of Cleveland TurnKey + Owner Of 1500+ units

2019 Predictions From 100+ Top Investors + What Fuels You?

Mike Hambright CEO of InvestorFuel Mastermind + Friends

LIVE Q&A + Scaling Online Leads In 2019 In The Face Of Competition (The Master Plan)

Trevor Mauch, Adrian Nez, Kiley Newbold of Carrot + Friends

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See What Some Attendees Have to Say…

“Let me say it was an eye opening event…”

“I was able to watch most of the Market Leader Summit. It was my first introduction to Carrot and to investing beyond my little world of Ft Lauderdale. Let me say it was an eye opening event. The accumulation of talent, ideas and successful people was unlike anything I have experienced before. And I would say that the flow of the conference went well and Trevor is an incredible host.” Jeff Dixon / Ft. Lauderdale, FL