Market Leader Summit

2019 Will Be A Different Market For Investors… 

11+ Top Investors Share Their 2019 Game-Plan LIVE

Market Leader Summit 2019 by Carrot

The Real Estate Market Is Shifting, We’ll Help You Dial In Your 2019 Strategy To Thrive

Market Leaders Summit

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From The Desk Of Trevor Mauch
– Roseburg, OR

Since 2014, Carrot has lead the real estate investing industry in helping high achieving investors start, grow, and scale their online leads and deals.

To the tune of over 3 million online leads (mostly motivated house sellers, but all kinds of leads as well).
The biggest house flippers, wholesalers, land flippers, and more… use Carrot to stand out, pull in some of their highest ROI deals, and stay ahead of the curve.

Also, newer investors have used Carrot to start pulling in consistent and predictable leads online than any other platform in this industry.

I’ll tell you… it’s been flat amazing watching our members control markets and the largest real estate investors consult with Carrot on how to scale up their online lead flow…

… but it’s easy to grow and scale a business when the market is in a decade-long upswing.

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Why Should You Attend This Virtual Summit?

Put simply: If you don’t make a plan, then (without realizing it) you are planning to FAIL.

In this brand new virtual summit, Carrot Founder Trevor Mauch, will walk you through the exact strategies and execution plans along with some of the nations Top Market Leaders that have been invited to join us.

You’ll receive a treasure trove of some Market Leaders, proprietary resources to outline your goals, establish why those goals are important, and develop a plan for reaching those goals and growing your business in 2019.

By the end of this summit, you’ll have a plan that you can share with your entire team that will clarify meaningful & achievable goals for your business, the steps you need to take to get there, and the metrics you need to measure along the way to ensure you’re on track for your biggest year to date.


Market Leaders Summit


What is your strategy to cut through the clutter and close more deals as the real estate market shifts in 2019?

Did you know 2 billion dollar real estate brokerage firms announced they’re getting into the home buying business in 2019? (Keller Williams and Coldwell Banker)?

And that doesn’t include Zillows Instant Offers program, Opendoor and their $400M+ in funding competing directly with investors in markets around the country, and others jumping into the mix.

Well… the market is shifting, are you ready for it? How will wholesaling and flipping change?

Which marketing methods are shaping up to work like gangbusters in 2019?

Which marketing methods are dwindling in effectiveness?

What can we learn from the last downturn to apply for the upcoming softening?

What hidden opportunities are bubbling up that’ll be ripe in 2019 – 2020 for savvy investors?

Why is it critical to work with agents (and vice versa) in this “new market environment”?

What are the highest profit segments we see for 2019?

How can you protect your business and create a “moat of security” around it in 2019?

What new laws can impact wholesaling / flipping (are you already breaking these new laws?)

We’ll dive into those questions and more in this FREE 2 day Market Leaders LIVE Online Summit.

These 2 days could change your business in 2019.

Every week I’m fortunate to talk with successful investors and agents and get a behind the scenes peek at what they’re doing that’s working in this hyper-competitive market.

I hear the wins. The failures. The bumps and bruises… and things they’re testing to stay ahead of the curve.

And even just in recent months I’ve had conversations with some investors that made me say…

… “If other investors don’t know this stuff… 2019 is going to be a hard year for them. Many will go out of business if they don’t make these shifts.”

So a few weeks ago the Carrot team and I had an idea…
Let’s call up some of the most successful investors in the country… and just live stream me interviewing them about those things we’d been talking about in private conversations these past few months.

I hand picked 14 investors and experts that include those who…are from all areas of the United States (both big markets and small markets)

Have built big teams (and those who are highly successful solo investors)

Have focused on scaling up deals and profits from online leads (and a few who focus on offline marketing as well, for their perspective on those marketing channels)

Are doing various types of investing including wholesaling, commercial, new construction, flipping, land, owner finance/rent to own, multi-family and more.

the full-time focus is their real estate business (many 7 and 8 figure investors on the list)

I’ll ask each Market Leader a series of questions that’ll give you deep insight into…

The strategy, tactics, and adjustments they’re focusing on as they’re planning their 2019 – LIVE Jan 9th-10th

We’re crazy excited about the Market Leader Summit 2019.

It’s our first ever online event like this.

2 full days of LIVE streaming over YouTube, Facebook, (and Instagram if we can figure out the tech stuff).

Market Leaders Summit


Summit Schedule

This is an approximate schedule, times and topics may adjust slightly. Market Leader Summit Guests Include…

Day 1 – Wednesday (1/9)
What Shifts Are These Investors Making To Drive More Leads In 2019  + Closing Deals

9am Pacific Jan 9th

Opening Session: Kicking Off The Summit!

Trevor Mauch CEO of Carrot + Adrian Nez

9:30am Jan 9th

Tech Changes In 2019 + Why The Big “ibuyers” (opendoor, offerpad, zillow, etc.) Are A GOOD Thing If you Do THIS

Trevor Mauch CEO of Carrot + Adrian Nez

10:00am Jan 9th

The “Price Gap” Wholesalers Will Have To Close In 2019 To Succeed (And how he makes competition irrelevant during cold calls)

Beau Hollis – CEO of SimplySold – 12+ Deals Per Month in Louisville, KY

11:00am Jan 9th

After Doing $1M+ In 2018, What is Max’s Plan For 2019 To Scale + Thrive?

Max Maxwell – CEO of Cash Homes Triad – North Carolina

12:00PM Pacific Jan 9th
Break / Q&A + Books Give Away!

12:15pm Jan 9th

Controlling SEO In 2019 – SEO Strategies From 2 Solo Investors Pulling In Multiple 6 Figures 100% From SEO

Dave Brown – CEO of Sell Now Home Buyers, New York; Tyler Ford – CEO of “We Buy Homes Tucson”, Tucson, AZ

1:30pm Pacific Jan 9th

Breaking Down The Data: How The BIG Investors Are Still Making Direct Mail Work (optimizing every step)

Christina Krause CEO of Postal Impact + CEO of Delaware Property Solutions

2:45pm Pacific Jan 9th

200+ Deals In 5 Markets In 2018 – What Is Titanium Investments Strategy For 2019?  (plus how they bake purpose into their company)

RJ Bates, Cassi DeHaas, Jamie Wooley Co-Founders of Titanium Investments in Dallas, TX

3:45pm Pacific Jan 9th

Multiple Exit Strategies In 2019 (if you’re wholesaling like you were last year, 2019 will be tough)

Alex Joungblood CEO of + Founder of Wholesaling Houses Full-Time FB Group

4:45pm Pacific Jan 9th

The Opportunity Of A LifeTime w/ Opportunity Zones + The State Of New Construction + Financing Your Deals

Daniil Kleyman CEO of and Doug Fath CEO of Legacy Capital

5:50pm Pacific Jan 9th

Day 1 Highlights Summed Up + The Glue That’ll Hold All Marketing Together In 2019

Trevor Mauch + Adrian Nez + Potential Guests + Book Give Aways!

Day 2 – Thursday (1/10)
Building A Business For Freedom, Flexibility, Profit, And Impact (systems, hiring, and more!)

9am Pacific Jan 10th

Day 2 Kick-Off Session: Book Give Aways + Building A Business vs. A Job

Trevor Mauch Carrot CEO + Adrian Nez + Friends

9:30am Pacific Jan 10th

How To Increase Productivity, Build Momentum, And Actually Enjoy Your Business Again

Alex Charfen Inc. 500 CEO + Consultant to Billionaires, Fortune 500, and more

10:30am Pacific Jan 10th

Building Simple Systems To Give You Time Freedom And Energy In 2019

Dan Schwartz CEO of InvestorFuse

11:30am Pacific Jan 10th

The Critical Mistakes Investors Were Making In 2018 That’ll Put Them Out Of Business In 2019-2020 (tightening your ship to capture huge opportunity)

Jason Medley CEO of Collective Genius Mastermind

12:30pm Pacific Jan 10th
Break / Q&A + Book Give Aways!

1pm Pacific Jan 10th

A Candid Convo on Building Teams, Millionaire Mindset, Why True Wealth Will Be Made In 2019+ For Those Who Know Where To Look…

Joe Evangelisti CEO of FlipKing + Mark Evans DM 8 Figure CEO + Author 10 Minute Business Owner

2pm Pacific Jan 10th

Is Multi-Family Over Heated? Why Tim Is Doubling Down On Multi-Family In 2019 (1.5k+ Units)

Tim Bratz CEO of Cleveland TurnKey + Owner Of 1500+ units

3pm Pacific Jan 10th

2019 Predictions From 100+ Top Investors + What Fuels You?

Mike Hambright CEO of InvestorFuel Mastermind + Friends

4pm Pacific Jan 10th

LIVE Q&A + Scaling Online Leads In 2019 In The Face Of Competition (The Master Plan)

Trevor Mauch, Adrian Nez, Kiley Newbold of Carrot + Friends

5pm Pacific Jan 10th

🎉 Announce Grand Prize Winner ($1k Carrot package give away!)

We’re giving away 1 package to a lucky winner of the Market Leader Revealed MasterClass, which includes 6 months of Advanced Marketer Plan FREE.

Enter simply by doing ALL of the following:

  1. Follow Carrot on Instagram @getcarrot and Facebook
  2. Follow Trevor on Instagram @trevor.mauch
  3. Make a post on both social platforms about your biggest takeaway each day and tag the above accounts to it w/ #MarketLeaderSummit
  4. We’ll pick a random winner Thursday evening at 5pm PST LIVE