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Market Leader Summit 2020

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Why Should You Attend This Virtual Summit?

The Real Estate industry is changing as we know it. Not only is the market shifting, but the real estate transaction itself is changing. Big Tech is making it’s mark by taking a bigger chunk of your profits by utilizing technology that is making real estate transactions easier and simpler for clients. This means Agents and Investors are no longer exclusive and need to work together in order to beat big tech and build authority.

We’ve brought together 16+ top earning Real Estate Professionals who will be sharing the secrets to success and how you can do it too. These Top Market Leaders will walk you through the exact strategies and execution plans they use to stay ahead of the curve. Are you going to leave your business up to chance or do you want to set your self up for success during the biggest market shift yet?


This Free LIVE virtual event will be hosted online.


Feb. 26th-27th 2020.

See What Some Past Attendees Had to Say…

“Let me say it was an eye opening event…”

“I was able to watch most of the Market Leader Summit. It was my first introduction to Carrot and to investing beyond my little world of Ft Lauderdale. Let me say it was an eye opening event. The accumulation of talent, ideas and successful people was unlike anything I have experienced before. And I would say that the flow of the conference went well and Trevor is an incredible host.” 

Jeff Dixon / Ft. Lauderdale, FL

“We got 4 deals into contract this week…”

“I just attended your 2 day carrot marketing summit and have been watching all the videos on how to improve SEO, let me tell you that we got 4 deals into contract this week, 2 of which are SEO. 2019 is going to be an epic year for our company!” –

Erin Pennington / Marketing Manager / Laurel Buys Houses

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Summit Schedule

This is an approximate schedule, times and topics may adjust slightly. Market Leader Summit Guests Include…

Day 1 – Wednesday (2/26)
Day 1: What Top Agents + Investors are Doing to Stand Out & Build Authority in A Shifting Market

9:00am Pacific Feb 26th

The Critical Shift Agents + Investors Must Make TO Avoid Becoming Irrelevant & Where The Real Estate Industry is Heading in 2020

Trevor Mauch CEO of Carrot

10:00am Feb 26th

How To Build a Loyal Fanbase, Take Your Brand National, & Win With Influence Using Video Content

Max Maxwell – CEO of Cash Homes Triad – North Carolina

11:00am Feb 26th

Wholesaling in 2020: The Winning Strategies & Shifts From America’s #1 Wholesaling Coach w/ Tom Krol of Wholesaling, Inc

Tom Krol

12:00am Feb 26th

How Tyler and Jeff are turning “”trash leads”” into 6 Figure Businesses w/ NO Competition as Investor/Agents

Tyler Ford + Jeff Fassett

1:00PM Pacific Feb 26th
Break / Q&A + Books Give Away!

2:00pm Feb 26th

These “House Heroes” Predictably Pulled in 3551 Motivated Seller Leads in 2019 Using These Three Simple types of content

House Heroes: Lucas Machado & Earl White

3:00pm Feb 26th

One Couple, One Year, $615k in Commissions Through Instagram, and $20 Million in Spokane Investment Projects. Here’s How They Did It.

Aaron Farr + Krista Farr

4:00pm Feb 26th

Thriving in An Ultra-Competitive Market by Making Your Offer Stand Out + Hot Tips For Pay-Per-Click

Eric Young

5:00pm Pacific Feb 26th

Day 1: Closing

Trevor Mauch + Adrian Nez

Day 2 – Thursday (2/27)
Building A Business For Freedom, Flexibility, Profit, And Impact (systems, hiring, and more!)

9:00am Pacific Thursday Feb 27th

Day 2 Kick-Off Session

Trevor Mauch Carrot CEO

10:00am Feb 27th

“Step by Step: How Aaron Built A 7 Figure Business And $400k/mo rental portfolio while traveling the world with his family “

Aaron Amuchastegui

11:00am Feb 27th

Noelle’s Proven Systems & Strategies To Scale & Streamline Your Business + How to Create Share-Worthy Videos That Captivate A Market

Noelle Nielsen

12:00am Feb 27th

Hear From Two Rockstar Dual Agent/Investors On How To Adapt to Changes & Thrive in Smaller Markets

Anthony Beckham + Robert Grand

1:00pm Pacific Feb 27th
Break / Q&A + Book Give Aways!

2:00pm Feb 27th

Tired of Open-Houses and Working Weekends? How Krista Found Complete Freedom w/ This Simple 4-Step Video Marketing Process

Krista Mashore

3:00pm Feb 27th

How Brian Transitioned From Teacher to Wholesaler to Multifamily & Dominates in A Crowded Market

Brian Rockwell

4:00pm Feb 27th

Navigating the Ups and Downs of Entrepreneurship with High Level Wholesaler, Beau Hollis

Beau Hollis – CEO of SimplySold – 12+ Deals Per Month in Louisville, KY

5:00pm Pacific Feb 27th

Closing the Summit

Trevor Mauch Carrot CEO

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