Chris C Case Study

Chris C
Cincinnati Wholesaler

Nearly $75,000 Net Profit With PPC Marketing and InvestorCarrot

Chris has a great story and he walks through how he started, how he got burned, how he landed on his feet and went full-time, and what he does to generate his leads and deals right now leveraging the web.

This case study includes…

How he set a goal to do 6 figures his first year wholesaling (and fell just short)

How Chris got started and what spurred him to quit his job

How he found his first mentor (who he ended up closing 10+ deals with him)

What he learned from getting cut out of multiple deals by his mentor

How he lost $25k in profits on 1 deal by going “cheap” on the ______ _____ (find out in the video below)

How he transitioned into a full-time wholesaler and netted almost $75k in 6 months in 2014 w/ online marketing through InvestorCarrot

… and a lot more!

Watch The Case Study Video

Nearly $75,000 Profit With PPC Marketing for Real Estate - Chris Campbell InvestorCarrot Story

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