Chapter 2:
SEO vs PPC for Real Estate – Why SEO Can Be Better

Search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) are two sides of the same coin. Which one should you be using for your real estate marketing?

Both can drive high-quality traffic to your website, both can do so consistently, and both can help you build the business of your entrepreneurial dreams.

But… what’s the difference between the two? And more importantly, which one is a better fit for the type of business that you’re trying to build?

In this article, we’re going to discuss this and more.

In fact, we whipped up a handy infographic to walk you through some of the most important things to consider when looking at SEO or PPC to help attract real estate leads.

Choosing how to drive traffic to your real estate website and how to ramp things up is a very important decision. Yes, both are ways to get you in front of your audience, but both are fundamentally different.

For instance, as you’ll see below, the amount of time and money you have to invest in your online marketing are going to dictate whether SEO or PPC is best for you right now.

One gets leads more quickly but requires a money budget to launch. While the other one takes longer to get results but can yield the single highest ROI (return on investment) of any online marketing strategy we use.

Learn more about the differences between SEO and PPC marketing as a real estate investor in the infographic below, and if you enjoy it share it up online!

Let’s Sum It Up For You…

When you’re looking at SEO and PPC to attract real estate leads here are a few things to consider.

How SEO Can Help You as a Real Estate Agent or Investor

The goal of any solid SEO strategy is to get your real estate website showing up at the top of search engine results pages. And, even more importantly, in the top spots of Google, specifically. If you aren’t one of the sites that are on the first page of the search results, you won’t be getting the sort of traffic you need.

SEO can also build trust in the eyes of the potential lead. Research of search trends has shown that 85% of clicks go to organic SEO.

In fact, the #1 lead generation source was “Organic Search”. This is a month-over-month, year-over-year occurrence. In a snapshot, Organic leads accounted for 36.4% of all leads. For reference, PPC accounted for 12.3%.

google analytics Carrot organic search leads
Organic Search Leads Accounted for 10,547 leads from the 28,947 Carrot Members obtained.
organic search leads for Carrot members
Organic Search Leads Accounted for 36.4% of All Carrot Member Leads.

SEO is about building your authority, demonstrating your relevance and getting your site matched to the right search keywords. It can be a long-term process, but one that is essential to your website’s performance. Once you have the necessary building blocks of how to achieve high rankings in search engines, the sky’s the limit!

Benefits of SEO and Content Marketing

1. It’s free if you do it yourself

A clear benefit to SEO is that it’s free to do. Unlike PPC, you don’t have to pay for it. You just need to invest time in implementing the best practices across your site.

But with that, comes a checklist of best practices, including making sure it’s search engine accessible, responsive, has unique content, targeted keywords, and optimized meta-data, just to name a few.

2. It’s more likely to drive more consistent traffic in the long run (if you implement a solid SEO plan)

That’s because people tend to be more attracted to SEO (organic) results as they trust them so much more than a paid ad.

3. It will drive better ROI (Return-on-Investment) long-term

The great thing about SEO is that once you’ve implemented the best practices onto your site, the only way is up. Make your way to the top and your brand is automatically perceived as reputable, and your ROI will continue to rise.

Over the long term, your investment and work into building those rankings go down as your traffic increases. That means your cost per lead will decrease.

4. Not just for blog posts… turn on YouTube videos for quicker results

YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world. Grab a little bit more of the search engine results page via video. Video is big and YouTube is hugely important to search results. Optimize your YouTube videos and descriptions with keywords that search engines like.

Optimize your YouTube videos for SEO rankings:

YouTube video optimization for SEO

Leverage Both SEO and PPC Together For Even Greater Results

It can be a worthy strategy to start SEO and PPC in conjunction with each other. Start a PPC campaign to get leads coming in, in the short-term, and SEO to build up over the long-term. It is possible to amplify your overall results when you use SEO and PPC together.

Here are some benefits:

Generate more exposure – An obvious benefit of combining SEO and PPC efforts is added visibility on the search engine results pages (SERPs). Dominating the SEO search results will greatly increase traffic and give the impression that you’re an established presence in your real estate market.

Increase intent keywords – Simultaneously running SEO and PPC campaigns gives you the opportunity to double the keyword data to analyze. Determine which SEO and PPC keywords have the highest conversion rates and use that information to optimize your strategy.

Use high performing ad copy and SEO content – If it works for PPC, it often works for SEO, as well. By determining which PPC ads result in the most lead conversions, you can generate ideas for title tags, meta descriptions and page content for the real estate blog posts you write. The benefit is allowing you to potentially rank higher in organic search results. By using PPC you’ll also quickly learn what works and what doesn’t. While completely testing titles and meta tags, strictly organic, can take a long time.

Test keywords utilizing PPC before committing to SEO content – PPC ads are a great way to improve your SEO keyword strategy. As your long-term SEO keyword strategy develops, test the conversion rate of the keywords you want to rank for with PPC ads. You’ll get immediate feedback on the effectiveness of the SEO keywords you’re after and can optimize your strategy.

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Now you know the difference between SEO and PPC. You understand that SEO drives higher quality traffic more consistently, but often takes time to get going while PPC drives high-quality traffic immediately, but you have to pay to play.

Chances are, your business needs both SEO and PPC to reach its full potential. Use PPC for quick-fire leads and use SEO as your long-term growth strategy.

Then let us know how it goes in the comments!

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