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How To Replace Zillow, Attract The Best & Most Qualified Leads, and Control The Conversation In Your Market

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How the stock crash of 1987 gives us a glimpse into what is in store for real estate agents over the next 10 years and the marketing lessons it teaches us on how to stay relevant as the real estate market shifts

Where the most motivated prospects are hanging out (it’s not Facebook) and how to join then control the online conversation where your best prospects are searching

The 5 steps to building authority in your market to differentiate from your competitors and stand out from the tech giants like Zillow (HINT: If you do step 3 and 4 Zillow can’t compete, and 9 out of 10 of your competitors won’t do this)

Why just focusing on a better “IDX tool” and automation isn’t the answer to winning your market… if you miss this one Authority building strategy you could be another “me too” agent fighting for listings… while the Local Authorities attract business easily

Outranking Zillow in Google: How to structure your “location” pages to beat Zillow in Google and take the leads (for FREE) they’re currently selling to you

The simple 30-minute per week marketing plan (get my worksheet download on the call LIVE) that will help you build authority, trust, expertise, and momentum with your online marketing while setting you apart. This will help make all of your offline marketing more effective and make you the “only logical choice” for your best clients