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Quickstart Service

Too busy to personalize your own websites? No Problem!

The first phase to succeed online is to launch a high converting site and then personalize it with your branding and credibility.

If you are a real estate investor that would like to be more hands-off when it comes to the technical aspects of your initial website setup, then the Quickstart service is for you! With this service, we focus on getting the basic personalization and set up of your site completed for you quickly, so that you can spend more time focusing on growing your business.

We’ve worked hard as heck to build out a great Carrot Help Center for our members that’s complete with guides and tutorials that will coach you through the initial setup and personalization of your site. We’re also ready to support you via our email and live chat support, so for those members who want to learn the system and leverage that knowledge to do it yourself, awesome! You’re covered.

But if you’re busy and don’t have time to go through the tutorials and don’t want to do it yourself, we’ve also got you covered with our very cost-effective 13 Point Quickstart Package geared to do the 13 MOST IMPORTANT things on your website to help you…

  • Add your unique identity to your company page
  • Add credibility to your website when visitors land on your page
  • Match colors and template with your logo (most Carrot members don’t even change their template type, we will make sure to choose a different base template.)
  • Integrate your CRM or Email Marketing System
  • … and attach your custom domain to your site so you can start marketing in days rather than weeks

What the Quickstart does NOT include:

Now, keep in mind our 13 Point Quickstart Service is geared to do the 13 MOST IMPORTANT things for your website to make it ready for business. This service does not include content edits or re-writes or any custom design elements. This helps us keep the cost down and helps us to deliver the best result possible. If you need anything outside of the 13 points outlined below, be sure to discuss our higher-level services with our sales team. 

“I knew that I couldn’t have done this. I was very skeptical in the beginning, but not anymore.”

“These guys did an excellent job. I knew that I couldn’t have done this. I was very skeptical in the beginning, but not anymore.  In actually seeing my website for the first time I cried… I was blown away now my business is a REALITY. Thanks, guys, for being receptive and always answering my emails right away and using my photos from around my city. This will sit well with prospective buyers and sellers. Thanks a million.”


“Your team did a great job of customizing our website…”

“Your team did a great job with customizing our website and Lisa did an excellent job of communicating with me and helping with any questions I had. Thank you, guys.”


Here’s What Your Carrot Quickstart Service Includes:

When you buy our Quickstart service, our team will dive in and personalize your site with the information you provide us. This will help you get rolling faster and past the “setup” phase so that you can roll quickly into customizing your content and the marketing phase. This can save you between 1-5 hours of your own time!


  • Have a logo? We’ll incorporate a logo you provide throughout the site (including responsive resizing for mobile devices). If you don’t have a logo we’ll get a “text-based logo” with your colors up on your site for you. (We HIGHLY recommend you have a unique logo for your business…check out Fiverr.com).
  • Update the colors used throughout the site to match the branding you’re going after.
  • Format your company page with the personal bios (or principals in your company) that you send in. This helps your site to build connection and credibility.


  • Personalize your auto-reply messages that go out to your leads when they opt-in (our system sends one message automatically)
  • Replace your site’s hero image with one that better represents your local area
  • Provide us with photos of your local area, houses, neighborhoods, etc. and we’ll incorporate them into your website to increase the “local aspect” of your site

Build Credibility

  • Create 2 property listings (for cash buyers sites). Just send us some recent or current properties you have for sale and we’ll create pages featuring those properties.
  • Verify your contact info is accurate throughout the site.
  • Schedule your first round of content packs if you have an active Content Pro or Advanced Marketer membership.

Optional Integration

  • Purchase your domain name anywhere you want, and send us the details. We’ll connect it to your site for you!
  • We’ll integrate your CRM & email marketing if you have an active Content Pro or Advanced Marketer membership. We integrate directly with several and there are several other CRM platforms that we can integrate with via Zapier, so just be sure to let us know what you’re using!
  • Once you setup your social media accounts, send us the links and we’ll add them to your site!
  • Track your traffic in detail with Google Analytics. (Requires you to set up a free Google Analytics account).

Get Started Now!

1 Site – $250 | 2 Sites – $500 | 3 Sites – $650

Refund Policy: There are no refunds on Quickstart packages purchased because they require time and attention from our team to perform. Please be sure you want to do the Quickstart before you enter your payment above.

Service Scope: The Quickstart is our base level service to do the basic updates to your website. We will add some of your personal information over to your website so that you can confidently move forward with your marketing plan. Please keep in mind that we can only work with the information that’s provided to our team, so please be as thorough as possible when filling out the form of requested information. If you need anything outside of the 13 points above, discuss our other higher-level services with our team. This helps us keep the cost down and helps us deliver the best result possible.