Are You A Busy, Full-Time Real Estate Investor And Would Rather Have Us Do 100% Of The Setup, Design, And Optimization For You?

Let Our Concierge Team Make Your Setup Hands Off.

So, you have this vision of what you can do with Carrot and how it’ll help scale your already growing real estate investing business…

… but you don’t have the time to dive in to get your sites and your online strategy tuned in yourself.

We work with more of the top house flippers and wholesalers in the country than any other online lead generation system and we’d love to dive in with you and put our skills to work getting your website and your online strategy dialed in so you can start driving traffic to it asap.

Here’s How We’ll Make Your Life Easier…

As we teach and practice ourselves, there are 3 phases to really growing your leads online.

  1. Launching a high performing website
  2. Getting your site in front of a starving crowd (i.e. – getting immediate traffic w/ PPC, Craigslist, integrating into your current marketing)
  3. Scale and build momentum over the long-term to create consistent and predictable leads (SEO, tracking, PPC, content marketing, etc.)

Before you can start converting your traffic into qualified leads you need to get your website launched and infused with your credibility and integrated with the systems you’re already using in your business.

This Concierge Setup service takes care of Step 1 so at the end you…

  • Have a website and a plan that are 100% suited to your business
  • Have your credibility & brand integrated into the fabric of your new site so it becomes a brand asset for you over the long run
  • Have custom written content by our copywriting team who work exclusively with high-end real estate investors like you
  • Have a jumpstart w/ SEO because our SEO team dives in and does an initial optimization to start you out on the right foot
  • Have a clear plan for what to do next from our expert Customer Success Heroes

Here’s What Our Carrot Concierge Setup Package Includes

The main difference between our Concierge Setup and our normal “QuickStart” is that our highest level team members dive in and work with you hands-on and invest our expertise and time into helping tailor your Carrot experience specifically for your goals.  The Concierge Setup includes custom website content written by our expert copywriters, our high-level strategy guidance, and two 1 on 1 calls with our team to map out a specific website strategy to help you crush it in your market.

NOTE: While we love how much you can personalize Carrot sites, we’ve found many of our members who are getting the best results are the ones who change the least on their websites. They stick with our layout, format, and even most of our content… and just personalize their branding and add in some of the elements that we do for credibility building in our QuickStart Package below. Don’t get stuck on website design – focus on website results.

Here’s What We Do:


  • Have a logo? We’ll incorporate your logo throughout the site (including automatic resizing for mobile, desktop, tablet and any size of internet device your customer may use). If you don’t have a logo we’ll get a “text-based logo” with your colors up on your site for you
  • Update the colors used throughout the site to match the branding you’re going after
  • Format your company and personal bios (of principals in your company) for your site to build connection and credibility
  • Make some unique “non-standard” design updates for your site that normal Carrot websites don’t have available, to help your design stand out even more while still retaining the Carrot Conversion Framework that makes your websites perform so well

Localizing Lead Capture

  • Customize your auto-reply messages that go out to your leads when they opt-in (our system sends one message automatically)
  • Tailor each page of content to your local market
  • Provide us with photos of your local area, houses, neighborhoods, etc. and we’ll incorporate them into your website to increase the “local aspect” of your site

High Level Strategy

  • Not included in our normal QuickStarts, the Concierge includes our resident experts (people on our team who are among the top online lead generation experts in the country) dive in with you on 2 GoToMeeting phone calls to discuss strategy and direction. ($500 value)
  • We’ll lay out a simple plan to implement over your next 90 days to integrate your new website into your overall marketing to improve your ROI and lead flow
  • 1 extra follow up strategy call can be scheduled 2-3 months out as well to help make sure your marketing plan is on track ($500 value)

Custom Content

  • Key to increasing your chances of ranking well in Google is having unique and robust content. Our copywriting team will work with you to create engaging and high performing custom content ($900 value)
  • We’ll localize your content for your primary markets to show you’re a local expert in those areas
  • Your unique selling proposition (why should people work with you) will be weaved throughout the content to set you apart
  • Localized pictures will be added to your website
  • … and more

Credibility Boosting

  • Build out your testimonials and format them for the greatest impact
  • Integrate any credibility badges such as BBB (if you’re accredited) that you may have in high visibility places
  • Create 2 property pages (for cash buyers site… just send us some recent or current properties you have for sale and we’ll make them! If you don’t have any, no big deal! We can always help you do your first property listing page when you’re ready)
  • Verify your contact info is accurate throughout the site


  • We’ll connect your existing…
    • Domain name (Purchase your domain name anywhere you want, and send us the details. We’ll connect it to your site)
    • Email marketing system (we integrate with,, Constant Contact, MailChimp, and more!)
    • Social media accounts (optional)
    • Google analytics (tracks your traffic in detail. Requires a free Google Analytics account

Don’t have a domain name, email marketing system, social media or analytics? No problem! Our team can guide you on getting them set up too!!

Who Is This For?

We want to work with amazingly awesome, honest, driven, and intentional entrepreneurs! If you are already closing consistent deals, your full-time income is from real estate, you have the budget to hire experts and your schedule is already full… but you know that Carrot can help you succeed and you want to accelerate the process with the help from the highest level experts on our team, the Concierge Setup package is going to help you save hours of time and lots of money.

To get started simply choose how many websites you want us to help you with and we’ll take it from there!

We too are happy with the sites conversion … I haven’t reviewed the numbers, but I’m sure we’re getting leads that we were missing under the old site :-) I shouldn’t have dragged my feet so long making the conversion!

A Real Member’s Concierge Setup Story

Dan and his team hopped on two 30 minute strategy calls with our strategy and build out team and we took on the rest.

They wanted to be hands-off on the setup and their website was already ranked well in their market on Google, so us taking the project on for them saved them lots of time and helped them get a high performing site in front of their traffic more quickly.

Get Started Today!

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Refund Policy: There are no refunds on Concierge Quickstart packages purchased because they require time and attention from our team to perform. Please be sure you want to do the Concierge Quickstart before you enter your payment above. Carrot Marketplace Terms of Service.