Step 2 – Concierge Migration Setup

We’re super excited to help you get your site and online strategy dialed in over the next several weeks.

Phase #1: Intake Form & Kickoff Call

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Once submitted, our highest level team members on strategy and performance will connect with you to schedule your first “Website Strategy Session” –40 minutes w/ online screen share.

Phase #2: Design & Copywriting

Then we’ll get to work – Our copywriter will connect with you to get information so they can best personalize your website content and our build out team will work with you on design and approval of your website’s layout.

Phase #3: Review & Long Term Recommendations

Then we finish with a 30 min “Website Strategy + Review” call at the end to review your new website page by page, answer your questions, make final tweaks, and discuss strategy moving forward. The entire process takes about 4-6 weeks depending on how fast we’re able to communicate.

Now dive in and fill out the short form below to get the ball rolling!

Concierge Migration Setup Form

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