City Specific Landing Pages Service

Operate in multiple markets? Want to dominate each one? Let’s do it!

If you’re a real estate investor that is working in multiple markets, you’re probably looking for ways to cast a wider net with your Carrot website so that you don’t miss out on getting leads in those areas outside of your primary market. By creating city-specific landing pages on your website, you’re able to not only communicate the various areas that you work in but also target those areas with location-specific content. This is a powerful tool you can use to market your business in multiple areas.

If you’re a regional investor and invest in multiple states, we recommend that you should have a page for each state on your site, as well as pages for each major city you’d like to be buying in within each state (Please note that this is an advanced strategy that we can do for you as a Carrot member through our city landing pages service).

In the end, you’re leaving a lot of potential traffic and leads on the table if you’re just leaving your lead generation up to your home page and 1-2 main keywords.

Ready To Start Generating Leads In Multiple Markets?

How City Specific Landing Pages Help You Get More Traffic To The Same Website

A searcher (seller, buyer, tenant, lender, etc.) tends to localize their search by putting their location in the search. This could be their city, their state, county, etc.

So if we know this, shouldn’t we have a specific page on your website optimized for each market that you operate in? Yep, you sure should!

As an example, if you search “we buy houses Bakersfield,” you’ll see that the #1 result on that page is a Carrot member’s site who created a city-specific page for the Bakersfield market. If you click on that page, you’ll notice that the page that’s ranking there is not their home page but is instead a city-specific page that they created and optimized using the Carrot SEO Tool built into our system.

#1 Ranking With A City Specific Page

That Bakersfield page generates leads for their business every single month without any extra work other than creating the page, tweaking the content, and doing a good job on the SEO on the rest of their website.

But you shouldn’t stop with just one city-specific page. Our suggestion is to pick the top 10-15 cities, counties, etc., that are in your focus area and create a location-specific page for each one of those markets to give yourself a better chance at ranking well for those specific cities.

The particular customer above has page 1 rankings for multiple cities all because they took the time to create pages for each city and spent some time tweaking the content. They also are doing a good job on the SEO on their overall website.

In some cases, we’ll see Carrot members who generate 60%+ of their website traffic through their city-specific landing pages, not their home page. That’s how you really ramp up your traffic as an investor: by not focusing all of your SEO eggs in one basket (on one page with 1 or 2 keywords).

Here’s How It Works

Step 1

You give us a list of up to 10 cities and we will build landing pages for you, each targeting a specific city from your list.

Step 2

Each of these pages will be modeled off of your home page, but we’ll re-write the content to make it specific to each city
so that you don’t have to worry about publishing duplicate content.

Step 3

We’ll create internal links for each page that we created and add them to either the sidebar or footer section of your site.

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