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Fully Managed SEO by Chief Marketing

Here at Carrot we always advise our members to have both a short-term and a long-term traffic plan.

Chief Marketing specializes in strategic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) specifically for real estate investors and agents.

Want highly motivated and high converting leads? Get on Google! Our goal is to take your Carrot site from where it is now to where it needs to be – which is page 1 of Google. The better you rank on Google and the more traffic you drive, the more leads you will get.

Because we deeply understand different lead types, we know the keywords and content that you should be ranking for. To win with Google, you must have high visibility. We can help you with that!

Why Trust Us?

It’s vital in marketing that you know your customers at the core. When you know your customers, you know how to effectively position yourself and your message in front of them. When it comes to SEO, we know what keywords you should rank for and what content to produce to help you achieve that.

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Meet The Chief Marketing Team

Skip the headache of learning over 200+ Google ranking factors – we’ll get you straight to the top of the search engine with Google.

Our team creates tailor-made traffic and conversion strategy customized to your business and market city. As real estate investors, we fully understand how to drive traffic with SEO and how to make sure you convert traffic into leads.

Using our services, our combined clients pull in over 500 new quality leads each month.

Real Testimonials From Carrot Members

“It’s so comforting to have someone that you can trust completely and know they are looking out for your best interests.”

“We know that not everybody out there in the SEO world is as upfront and honest as you are. We are thankful to have had the opportunity to work with you. It’s so comforting to have someone that you can trust completely and know they are looking out for your best interest and truly want you to succeed and that is what we know we have in you.”


Executive Administrator for Gillespie Brothers Enterprises, LLC

“I would never be where I am at in any of my businesses without the Chief team.”

“I utilize Chief Marketing for a few different businesses I own. They really take the time to understand the psychology of your consumer and what it will take to get them to your website and to purchase from you. They go above and beyond to get his clients superior results. I would never be where I am at in any of my businesses without the Chief team. He is a huge part of our success and ability to keep growing.”


CEO | Crossley Properties LLC & Lazy Girl REI Consulting

“Adding Chief Marketing to your team is like adding an AK-47 to your marketing arsenal.”

“I originally had a website, I had content, I had expensive SEO hired out for a long time, but did not have results. However, I met Adrian and Chief Marketing, I let him take the reigns on our website, and after a few months of his efforts, we started to get real leads and started to close transactions. So I went from high overhead on my website and no leads, to low overhead on my website and a bunch of quality leads, and the only thing I changed was hiring Chief Marketing. They’re the real deal and the company who will change the trajectory of your investing business!”



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– Chief Marketing Team