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Brad ChandlerBrad Chandler is CEO of Express Homebuyers and President of Brad Chandler Coaching.

Brad started in 2003 with a negative $80,000 net worth and a $200 a month marketing budget. Since then, he has grown Express Homebuyers to a company that does over 200 wholesale deals per year without his day to day involvement.

With this flexibility, Brad launched Brad Chandler Coaching to teach investors on all levels how to grow their real estate investing business. If you are interested in growing your real estate investment business Brad’s programs can help.

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Brad Chandler Coaching Testimonial

WOW! Just WOW! My husband and I have flipped and wholesaled over 500 houses for 10+ years. We signed up for Brad’s coaching a few weeks ago, and have been exceedingly happy with our decision. He has opened our eyes to new and better ways of doing business. We are so glad to have connected with him, and look forward to our sessions every week. He is VERY open and forthcoming with information and holds nothing back. If you are thinking about getting coached by him, I can confirm that it is totally worth it.

Amber Schworm Amber Schworm

When I started looking for a coaching program I wanted someone who was actually doing what I want to achieve. Brad is one of the rear “gurus” who have a high functioning wholesale business. They actually do hundreds of wholesales per year. After researching other programs, I signed up for Brad’s coaching program a few weeks ago and have been blown away with the quality of information he provides. He literally gives you direction step by step on how to wholesale homes. I can’t wait to implement his strategies and start making money wholesaling homes. If you’re considering hiring a mentor Brad is the most successful one I know and his program is quite amazing.

Jeff Dempsey Jeff Dempsey

How the Wholesaling to Freedom programs work

The courses are delivered via weekly video content. Each week builds on the last week and gives step by step instructions on how to grow your business. All programs have a weekly group coaching call with Brad and access to a closed forum to interact with other members of the Winner Tribe. The second and third tier programs include a 2-day mastermind where one day is spent at Express Homebuyers Headquarters to see the business running in action.

Here is what is included in the course

  • 7 Highly Actionable Modules
  • 62 Engaging Videos Walking Through Every Step Of Brad’s Process
  • Bonus Materials Only Found In This Course
  • Access To The Private “Winners” Group
  • Weekly Access To Brad On A Coaching Call
  • Voxer Access With Brad For 30 Days After 7 Week Video Course Is Over

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