Keeping Your Carrot Website Active

If you received your InvestorCarrot website(s) from another service as part of their coaching program or Done For You program… and cancelled your service with them

… and you’d like to keep your website live… good news!

It’s a quick simple process to move your billing over to Carrot and keeping your website account active with us.

IMPORTANT: Read this page and go through the payment link at the bottom of this page to KEEP YOUR WEBSITE active so it doesn’t get deleted from our system. 

Keep Your Carrot Website Active Below!

To keep your InvestorCarrot account active… and prevent your website and any work done on your site up to this point for SEO from being deleted… simply click the link below to pay the first months account fees today ($49) + take over the monthly payments of only $49/mo.

You can cancel anytime simply by emailing us at or hit us up on Live Chat on this website.

After you transfer the billing over to you, we’ll send you an email confirming the transfer… and then you’re all set!

($49 today pays your first month and then it’s only $49/mo from then on)

Answers To Questions You May Have…

Important Payment Information – Who was paying for my website before?

As you know, InvestorCarrot is the most innovative Inbound Online Marketing website system for real estate investors in the industry… and we’ve got pretty darn great support too. This is why many of the top real estate experts and “done for you” marketing services use InvestorCarrot as their preferred website platform for their high level clients.

Up to this point, your InvestorCarrot account has been paid for as part of the coaching program or done for you marketing service that set your website up initially.

If you’re no longer a member that program, you can keep your website alive simply by switching the billing over to yourself on this page.


How much will it cost me going forward?

Way less than you’re thinking. Most systems with 1/3 of the features and support cost upwards of $100 – $300/mo.

Your account is currently on the Core Plan, and is only $49/mo to keep it active.

What you’ll get… 

  • Full email and Live Chat support M-F 9am – 5pm Pacific
  • All upgrades and improvements we make to the system as long as you’re a member
  • The ability to upgrade and add extra websites to your account or even content marketing features to help you generate more traffic
  • … and more!

When will my website be deleted if I don’t transfer billing over to me?

From the time you cancelled the service that setup your website for you or the day we sent you the email to move your billing over, we like to provide a buffer of 2 weeks to give you plenty of time to transfer your billing over to us.  If we don’t receive the payment info through the link above within the 2 week timeframe from your cancellation date or the date of the lapse of your free hosting term… we’ll assume you want to deactivate your website and cancel your account.

So if you plan to keep your website, it’s important that you please transfer your billing information over to us quickly so you don’t risk your website and your investment up to this point being lost.


I have questions… who do I contact?

Awesome! We love chatting with our customers!  Just shoot your questions our way at or hit us up through our Live Chat here on this website (Live Chat hours are between 9am-5pm Pacific, Monday – Friday). We’ll take good care of ya :-)