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Personalize your websites hero image with these high quality free photos.

Free High Quality Real Estate Investor Images

Make your hero section stand out with these awesome, high quality, free real estate investor photos.

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Free High Quality REI Images

Why high quality images matter

Imagery on websites is a big deal. Not only does it help your website look great, give it more opportunities to include SEO tactics, but it can help engage your visitors.

A high quality image that looks good on your website and has a local theme to it makes your website stand out from the other national brands. Do you live somewhere with a widely known monument? Why not include it on your website hero image.

We have created a short guide showing different real estate investor websites with hero images matching their market city. We also included which colors we used for the navigation and call to action buttons. View the guide after you download the images.

The problem with high quality photos is finding ones that look good, are the right size, and are free to use on your website. Many people will perform a quick Google search and find an image to include on their website.

This is generally a bad idea as you might be infringing on copyright violations.

We spent hours looking for high quality photos that look great as hero images for your real estate investor website.

Even if you are not a Carrot customer you can have access to these same awesome photos…completely free, just download them and use them on your website.

How to use InvestorCarrot’s hero images

  • Download the images and unzip the file
  • Find an image that you want to use on your website
  • Save that file locally to your computer
  • Place the image as a background behind your main call to action
  • Or send that image file to your web developer and ask them to do it

If you are already a Carrot member, we have created a tutorial to show you how to change your hero images in two clicks.

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