Investors Said Craigslist Can't Generate Leads

Fellow Carrot Member Cyndy Proved Them Wrong.

As you know, Carrot is a great tool with “SEO goodness” and conversion elements baked right in.

But if you’re in a competitive market… SEO takes time.

So what do you do in the short-term to get leads (sellers, buyers, tenants, etc.) while you’re working on getting ranked well in Google?

Here are two options that our best Carrot members use to get consistent leads that turn into deals.

Option 1: If You Have A Marketing Budget To Start, Here Are Two Great FAST Ways To Get Leads

Some investors are using direct mail very well (you know, simple post cards or letters to lists of contacts that you purchase).

Direct mail is great… but you need a budget of at least $500 to really make it even worth it to do it.

Then there comes Google Pay Per click (buying ads that show up in the search engines).

Pay per click ads are also great…

I use them myself. But again… you need a budget and you need to know how to set up those ads so they actually get results without breaking the bank.

If you do it wrong, that’s a fast way to drop a big hunk of cash before you even knew what happened.

Many Carrot members are doing PPC and closing deals from those leads.

Our 3 Lead Per Day Training actually has a whole module on how to effectively do Pay Per Click advertising on Google and turn a great return on investment with little starting budget.

Go get it if you don’t have it already. It’ll help really add some power to your market arsenal with any website… but even more power when combined with Carrot.

If you have some cash lying around and are ready to start learning how to make paid advertising and direct mail work, those two options can be insanely great for you.

Option 2: Free Marketing Leveraging The 4th Largest Website In The World…Where Buyers And Sellers Of Real Estate Are Already Flocking Daily

If you don’t have a marketing budget to do paid marketing… or if you do have a budget but just want to add another stream of quality leads to your business immediately (like have leads coming in within the next 24 hours if you do what we show you)…

… here’s another option for you.


Yes, I know this isn’t revolutionary or “new” to you.

We’ve all heard of 100 ways to market on Craigslist.

But the problem is…

Most People Say Craigslist Just Doesn’t Work Like It Used To.

Heck, you may be one of them.

You may have posted Craigslist ads yourself and got a slow trickle of leads… a few here and there.

Or you may have found it too darn time consuming and just gave up after a few weeks and a handful of quality leads.

That’s what most people do.

And that’s part of the reason it hasn’t worked for you.

You’re doing it like 99% of everyone else who is also NOT getting real results (quality leads that turn into deals).

It’s not your fault (well, it kinda is, I’ll tell you why below)… but you just didn’t follow the right steps to “swarm” the market and basically give Craigslist no other choice but to funnel the most… and best leads to you.

And frankly, I didn’t either.

So we dove into the data here at Carrot and were floored when we saw one Carrot account pop up in our search that was getting more leads than anyone else in the system… in a shorter amount of time.

Like… by a lot.

We Stumbled On Cyndy From Pennsylvania

So we asked her for permission to look into the dashboard of one of her Carrot websites (this one was a cash buyer/rent to own website) and this is what we saw…

I shot Cyndy an email and we got to talking about how she was generating that volume of leads into her Carrot site so fast.

She said…

“I just use Craigslist, but I kinda figured out

a way to actually make it work this time”

Long story short… Cyndy and I got on the phone and chatted about what she’s doing.

Really, it’s crazy simple.

The hardest part about the whole thing is just writing the ads so they get sellers, buyers, and tenants to actually act… and go to your Carrot site (where your site then converts them).

Even the writing ads part isn’t hard… once you know how to structure your ads, what they should say, and how to get people from Craigslist to your website effectively.

I knew other Carrot members wanted similar results and could use some extra leads too.

So I asked Cyndy, and her husband and business partner in their investing business Tom, if they’d be willing to dive in and create a training program for Carrot members showing EXACTLY what they’re doing to get so many leads so effectively using Craigslist.

They said YES.

The rest is history.

Buy Carrot’s Post To Profits Training Now For $99

Those are real leads… generated almost exclusively from Craigslist…

And the reason it works so well is…

1. Her process for setting up Craigslist accounts (to swarm your market)

2. Her process for writing ads (so they effectively get people to actually go to your website or you asap)

3. Her process (it’s actually Craigslist’s process, she just leverages it) for running her marketing in 4 minutes per day once it’s set up.

The course is broken down into 4 modules…

Module 1 – Course Intro – Setting the Stage

This module will show you how to set up the accounts you need to effectively run your Craigslist ads.

Module 2 – Ad Posting Strategy

This module will show you how to post your ads so you can swarm your market.

Module 3 – Amplifier Training

This module will show you advanced tactics for setting up gmail accounts so you can post more ads per day

Module 4 – Ad Templates

In this module we will show you the exact ads Cyndy used to crush it with her Craigslist ads.

You can have access to the processes outlined above.

The catch?

You can only buy this training right here right now.

Buy Carrot’s Post To Profits Training Now For $99

This is a Carrot special offer… only available on this page.

Fill the gap in your current lead generation plan and start implementing this within an hour or investing in the program… see your first leads come in within 72 hours (when you do what we show in the course)… then set it up like Cyndy shows to create a streaky stream of buyer, tenant, and seller leads when you need them.

Then, keep honing your SEO for long-term market domination.

If you realize how important getting traffic to your site is… and you realize that one deal that nets you only $5k will pay for this training 50x over… go ahead and buy this training for a one-time payment of $99 and we will give you full access to the Posts to Profits Craigslist training.

I’ll see you on the inside!

– Trevor

Founder of InvestorCarrot