Step 1: Confirm Your Order + Basic Information

Great! We’re excited to help you get IDX baked into your AgentCarrot website!

In order to do so please confirm your order below and give us some basic information that we’ll need to submit to your local MLS for approval.
If you have any questions please email and we can assist you!

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Carrot IDX Pricing:

Add Carrot IDX to your AgentCarrot website…

  • Single Agents: $50/mo
  • or Brokerages: $80/mo
  • one-time $200 Agent IDX setup fee
  • or one-time $300 Broker IDX setup fee

Your MLS may apply additional pass through fees*

Example: If you’re currently on the AgentCarrot Content Pro plan for $99/mo…
+ $50/mo to add Carrot IDX
+ $200 one-time setup fee
+ any local MLS pass through fees (we’ll use $0 MLS setup fee and $6.50/mo pass through monthly fee from your MLS)

= $155.50/mo ($99+$50+$6.50) and a one-time $200 setup

Pass Through IDX Fee Info* | MLS We Serve

Here is What Others are Saying:

“About double the amount of leads if not more. Also has a lot to do with increased traffic based on city-specific landing pages, blog posts, tags, and categories all indexing.” – Tyler Ford from Pheonix Arizona