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Add MLS Listings To Your AgentCarrot Sites!

AgentCarrot members: the IDX add-on is now available!

See the details below including pricing, how it works, and your next steps.

Yes! Add Carrot IDX!

Add Carrot IDX to your AgentCarrot website…

  • Single Agents: $50/mo (Free for New Advanced Marketer Members)
  • One-time $100 Agent IDX setup fee (Free for New Advanced Marketer Members)

Your MLS may apply additional pass through fees*

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Pass Through IDX Fee Info* | MLS We Serve

Now, The Power Of Carrot Combined With Your Local MLS Listings

Even as the real estate market changes and buyers use sites like Zillow and more and more during their home buying experience, there are lots of benefits to having MLS properties on your own website.

Over the past several months we’ve worked hard to roll out our first version of Carrot IDX.

Find out more of the details below and add IDX to your AgentCarrot website today!

How Carrot IDX Works
& Your Exclusive Price

Part of our mission here at Carrot is to help people regain time for the things that matter.

Setting up MLS listings and making them look great can take some time. We want you taking lead information and turning those leads into happy customers – not dealing with tech and marketing issues.

That is why we are offering all AgentCarrot members access to our custom setup service for IDX.

Currently we’re partnering with iHomeFinder to provide IDX service to our clients. But we take all of the heavy lifting out of the process for you and do 100% of the setup for you. This also simplifies your billing as there will be just 1 simple bill from Carrot each month vs. a bill from iHomeFinder, your MLS, etc.

Let our team be a part of your team and help make the IDX integration as pain-free as possible on your end.

The Setup Process
What To Expect

1. Start Your IDX Signup

IDX is an optional add-on to your existing AgentCarrot website. After accepting the terms of service, you will be asked to fill out all relevant information for us to submit your MLS paperwork to the IDX broker.

2. Initial Billing Review

Your total billing will vary based on your location and the fees your MLS provider charges. We will email the specifics for your new IDX subscription for approval

MLS “pass through” fees vary, View MLS has pass through fees ›.

3. MLS Application

Each MLS has different guidelines and some take up to 3-4 weeks for approval.

4. IDX Setup on Your Website

Our tech team will then place your MLS properties on your website in a way that will help improve conversions, give customers a great experience, and solve any of those pesky little details that come up with dialing in a website.

Note: This is not a custom design service. We’ll implement IDX properties on your site to model our sample site. Want custom website design or additional customization help? Contact our Services team for more info.

5. Launch!

Ready To Get IDX Started?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the costs to add on Carrot IDX to my website?
If you are on our latest Advanced Marketer subscription at $199/mo we only pass on the pass-through fees charged by your mls. For our lower level subscriptions Carrot IDX starts at $50/mo (for individual agent) + any “pass-through” fees from your local MLS (info below). This is in addition to your current AgentCarrot membership fee.

What are the “pass-through” fees that my MLS charges?
Many local MLS charge no “pass through” fees. Check your local MLS to see what their “pass through” fees are. MLS coverage and Fee Info

Is IDX included in AgentCarrot plans already?
It is included on the current Advanced Marketer Subscription at $199/mo! Carrot IDX is an optional add-on for other subscription levels that you can add to your AgentCarrot websites.

Why is there a setup fee?
Many website services for real estate agents charge setup fees well into the hundreds… often times $300+. For Carrot IDX members we’re simply passing our costs on. The $100 setup fee covers our submission of the MLS paperwork to iHomeFinder and our time to configure IDX to your existing AgentCarrot website in strategic high converting spots… wrapped in a beautiful mobile-friendly design. In addition to our setup fee, your local MLS may charge a setup fee as well. See the section below for a link to see if your local MLS charges a separate setup fee. If so, we’ll pay it then pass it on to you during the setup process.

Does your service cover my local MLS?
We’ve partnered with iHomeFinder to provide the IDX data feed then work our magic to wrap the listing data in our high performing framework. So we support every MLS that iHomeFinder supports. See a list of all supported MLS over here on the iHomeFinder website. MLS coverage and Fee Info