How to Attract Your Best Clients by Flipping Your Marketing To “Evergreen”

Actual Data from over 450,000+ house/land sellers & buyers in 2020

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On the training we will cover…

  • Why your social media profiles should NOT be the “hub” for your content.. and how to transform your website into your “Authority Hub” instead
  • The not so secret method that is our #1 house seller lead source in 2020 that almost every agent is ignoring
  • Why Evergreen Marketing converts website visitors to leads 250% higher than other types of marketing
  • How to replace cold calling, Zillow, and constant posting on social media in 2021 with marketing that works for years (not days)


All other marketing channels are just tactics; Carrot is the big chunk in the middle that was just missing.

Townsend Realty Group

Carrot has impacted my business so positively! I love the property websites, landing pages, the SEO rankings, blog and overall design of the site. I also love the landing pages that I use to drive traffic from ads that I run. And my favorite is to watch the increase on Google rankings with the more relevant content we produce. Really great web host!

Fox Realty Group

That 3 leads per day training paid off! Yesterday was my first 3 organic lead day! 2 SEO leads 1 Google My business lead and 1 buyer lead. I’m so pumped and not slowing down.

Keith Sant Keith Sant
Kind House Buyers