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Quarter 3 – 2017

July – September 2017
Carrot Customer Stats





Lead Source

Where did our member’s leads come from?

source % leads
Direct 38.08% 41,793
Organic 37.22% 40,844
Referral 4.52% 4,962
Paid 10.63% 11,668

Lead Type

What kind of leads are Carrot members generating?

type % leads
Seller 34.12% 37,449
Buyer 25.82% 28,336
Rent to Own 23.73% 26,047
Company 12.80% 14,052
Land 1.65% 1,806
Other 1.08% 1,184

Hats off to our support and success teams for an amazing quarter

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A Few Of Our Favorite Doses Of Awesomeness

Prior to adding Carrot I had only purchased 2 properties over a 6 month period. In the 12 months since, I’ve purchased 15 properties from Carrot leads, completed 7 other wholesale deals, built up [removed] in notes receivable, have over $4K in monthly cash flow and have ZERO debt in properties or the business. Also, I have two recently purchased properties that should generate $30-40K profit when sold after rehabbing.

Jeff Filali Jeff Filali

6 wholesale deals this month if all goes through. $124k… 4 ppc, 1 organic, 1 Facebook retargeting. 1 has closed the other 5 are under contract with a buyer and the last one waiting for a buyer. Carrot system is still rockin’

Brian Rockwell Brian Rockwell
Sell Your House DFW

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