Customer Success Hero - Hiring Now!

Are You An Amazing Communicator, The Resident Tech Wiz In Your Peer Group, Genuinely Care About Helping People, And Thrive In A Setting Where You’re Ready To Solve The Next Challenge That Comes Up With Enthusiasm and Energy?

As a Customer Success Hero for Carrot, your mission is to help make our customers successful and their lives more easy and happy… and to live and uphold the Core Values that we’re so passionate about in life and business.

Our mission is to add HUMANITY back to business and help people regain precious time in their lives for the things that matter.


We’ll be honest, this is a demanding role that requires a broad skill set. All the way from helping customers with tech related support as they use our software, to helping guide customers in the right direction strategy wise at times, to engaging with customers who feel their experience hasn’t been up to par (and turning that around so they leave with a… “wow, that was weird… but really cool” experience).

You’ll join our mostly Oregon based team to delight our Carrot community with fast, friendly, useful, and “smile-worthy” support they can’t help but tell other people about.

So if this sounds like you so far… let’s learn a bit about what our Customer Success Hero’s do… and the type of person that is ideal for this role.

About You:

  • You have a love for technology + marketing and a desire to keep learning.
  • You have some technical expertise and a je-ne-sais-quoi for problem solving (WordPress experience a plus!).
  • You have an unstoppably upbeat attitude and love working with people.
  • You live, eat, and breathe empathy and kindness (and a healthy dose of curiosity)
  • You’re a bottomless well of patience and understanding.
  • You might not be a poet, but you express yourself well in writing and verbally.
  • You have experience in, or are keen to work in a startup environment.
  • You have a flexible schedule
  • You’re very process oriented and can’t stand it when things aren’t tidy.
  • You are the type of person who sees a question or problem, and doesn’t just solve it and move on… but you ask other questions to see if you can prevent that problem from even happening again with a process or improvement.
  • You have a zest for life and don’t mind spreading that energy to those you’re around.

About Your Average Day At Carrot:

For this particular role on our Customer Success team your days will be doing a good mix of reactive time diving in and helping customers with their questions through email, live chat, and the occasional phone call… and proactive projects aimed at continually improving the experience our customers have and streamlining our processes along the way.

So you won’t be sitting on live chat 8 hours a day, but you will play a big role in engaging with our customers through our support channels on a daily basis and continually thinking of and implementing ways to improve the overall experience.

Your average day will start with you taking a short jaunt over to your home office or to Carrot HQ. In other words, you can work from anywhere you want. The beach, your house, a coffee shop (will just have to be mindful for noises if you’re doing phone calls that day), or at the office in downtown Roseburg, Oregon (8,000 sq. ft with a ping pong table, kitchen, lounge, board room… the whole shibang).

Then you’ll fire up Asana (our project management software) to briefly organize your projects and tidy things up so you’re clear on the objectives for the week. With that clarity you’ll pop into Slack and give the rest of the team a quick “Hey! Good morning y’all!” and dive into your day.

Every Monday and Friday our team has an “all hands huddle” via Google Hangouts (or in person if you’re in the office) to quickly say “hey!” and review what we accomplished the week before, what we’re tackling the week to come (and how it ties to your mission for the week) and to ask any questions you have for other team members or get help removing anything getting in your way of getting things done. Tuesday – Thursday we have “office hours” where our Carrot leadership team is on a Google Hangout for 30 mins there to help anyone with anything.

From here your average day will really be fluid.

Often times the reactive and “on your feet” problem solving side of this role will take you places you’d never expect that day to go. You may start the day knowing that you need to pull a list from our data to find the customers who are high value but not using the system to it’s max and you give them a call to coach them to getting the most value out of Carrot… but halfway through the day something may pop up in support that needs a bit more attention. So being able to have clear goals and a schedule yet having the ability to be ok with diving into an issue that pops up at a moments notice should be something you’re totally ok with.

After you dive into Intercom (our support email/chat software) and make a push through any open tickets in the AM, you’d shift gears to more proactive projects.

Things like…

  • Implementing those ideas you came up with on how to make our help section more effective for our clients
  • Creating a customer survey that helps find out how we can improve (and what they love) about their experience with Carrot
  • Diving into the data and seeing where there are opportunities to improve the experience our members are having and creating a plan to act on them
  • Pulling the KPIs (key performance indicators) for the week and celebrating the awesome progress on your teams quarterly KPI challenge
  • Implementing that thing you’re passionate about into our Carrot team to help our own team members improve every day
  • Finding those customers who had special events this month and proactively shooting them out a card, an email, or even a gift so they get that unexpected “Wow!” experience they just don’t get elsewhere

In the end, this role is dedicated to helping make our clients lives easier, happier, and to be a beacon of spreading our Core Values to the world everywhere we can.

Mid-day you may cut away and recharge with some yoga, a quick run, a quick read, some lunch… whatever floats your boat and keeps you energized in life. Then hop back in and tackle whatever else comes your way the rest of the day.

We always end the days with a quick review in Slack on what you had a chance to accomplish that day and a final chance to help other team members end the day on a good note.


As you can imagine, being a team spread across multiple cities and states… maintaining an amazing culture can be more difficult than if we were all in the same office day in and day out. We’ve found some amazing tools and practices to help keep that culture thriving and fun.

But we’ve been able to build an amazing culture through our daily practices to connect with each other via hangouts and Slack… and multiple times per month some or all of our team gathers in person together for our “In-Office” days. Sometimes we’ll dive into focused work that day on a specific project… and sometimes we’ll grab some tubes and float the river on those hot summer days.

Every 6 months we fly the whole team in for one of our Carrot Retreats where we strategize, have fun, challenge ourselves to think bigger, and see how we’re doing on our goals. These are a blast and have been huge for our culture.

In the end, your role will be as critical to our culture as any other role in the company and we want you to LOVE getting up and working everyday. So any ways you can help us all live our core values more… bring it on! :-)

The Serious Stuff

This position will pay a very competitive salary and bonuses along with other attractive benefits:

  • Paid vacation
  • Paid holidays
  • $500 per year to contribute toward a charity you’re passionate about
  • Fun “In-Office” days with the team
  • Growth Perks:
    • Free Books: Reading a book to help you grow in your life? Awesome, we’ll buy them for you
    • Courses / Seminars: If you find resources that will help you improve your skills in life / business… we’ll pay for all or part of them
    • Gym Stipend: Physical fitness is a big deal… so we’ll pick up the tab of your monthly gym membership up to $60/mo.
  • Performance Bonuses: We celebrate our success and reward our team as we grow!!  We are in the process of updating and improving the way these bonuses are calculated:  more to come here ( and a great question to ask if you get an interview!!!)
  • Health Insurance 75% paid for
  • 401k Plan
  • The chance to learn in a fast paced environment things that you’d never be able to learn in a large organization. Everyone pitches in in multiple roles here so if you’re passionate about marketing as well… you better bet we’ll throw you some challenges in that area too.

No exceptions – in order to apply please provide the following:


Addressing the following questions:

  1. Why do you think you’re a Superstar Customer support and success Hero Give SPECIFIC and quantifiable examples of past achievements and/or accolades.
  2. Describe your experience in using WordPress, working with people to troubleshoot problems, and in your skills to communicate in awesome ways with clients.
  3. What’s the toughest challenge you’ve ever overcome in your life?  How did you overcome it?
  4. What are the last three books you’ve read?
  5. What do you do for fun?
  6. Explain what you’re doing now for a job
  7. If you don’t have one, explain why.
  8. If you have one, explain why you’re looking elsewhere.

2. Update your RESUME and include it

3. Show us what you’ve got! What’s your typing speed?

Go to this page and take the typing test with 100 words. Then send us a screenshot of your score attached to the email below.

4. Email Everything

To us at the email address below… title the email [I’m the Customer Success Hero you want for Carrot!!] in the subject line… AND include your favorite Carrot Core Value that you resonate with the most and WHY in the body of the email. Applications without a cover letter will be deleted.

5. Throw our customer support team a curveball

Through our LIVE Chat feature on this page (bottom right)… connect with one of our CS Hero’s… ask them some of your burning questions about working at Carrot…  and tell them the weirdest thing you’ve done this year (and why). Ha, I know… strange question… but we like to have fun and be different and hope you do too :-)
And don’t forget to give them your email! We want to be sure you get credit for your oddities!

If you make it to Round 2, you’ll receive explicit instructions on next steps, plus you’ll get detailed information on our company.

Trevor Mauch CEO of InvestorCarrotWe like to have fun here but we’re also looking for people to come in and make an impact on day 1 for this role… so if you don’t have experience with WordPress, basic CSS / html, or have never loved teaching people or helping people through tech hurdles the learning curve will be a bit steep.

Email everything above to and let’s get this party started!