Time. It’s Not What You Think.

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Photo credit Andrew Studer (watch the AMAZING video below. The kid is only 17 years old… lives here in Oregon)

I’m about to get philosophical on ya.

Do you ever feel like time isn’t on your side? Like you never seem to have enough of it. Too much of it gets spent on things not worthy of the most valuable currency we have. And it seems like you’re rushing around trying to be on time, lend others time, fitting as much as possible into that time we have each day in order so you can live a fulfilled and rich life… before our time runs out.

Yet a funny thing happens… when we’re always worried about time and cramming everything we can into it… time goes by faster… and faster… and faster.

We have less of it.

So if time goes faster when you’re rushing around and thinking about the past and always worrying about the future… and not enough in the present… since time isn’t a real thing (it’s a man made construct)… are we really gaining?

Or are we gaining life when we slow down and enjoy it… work on fewer things with more substance… aim to live more and love more… and do more of what feels right at our core… rather than more of the things others thing we should do?

I dunno. But I think at this point in my life… if we’re after fulfillment… it’s probably more of the latter than the former. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about time… both in growing Carrot… with my young family… with the legacy I want to leave and the people I want to help make huge impacts in their own lives.

Sometimes we think we have all the time in the world to get things done… then the next second we realize the only time we’ve actually got for sure is the second we’re living right now.

I stumbled on this video below that really puts time into perspective.

So… what is time for you? I’d love your thoughts on what TIME is in your life… and whether or not you focus too much on it…. not enough on it… and if we stopped worrying about time so much and about the impacts we can make to help others… if life would be more fulfilling and our “time” would be invested more wisely.

Watch this video… then comment below. Amazingly powerful video.

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20 Responses to “Time. It’s Not What You Think.”

  1. Stuart Stuart

    Very cool video. Really makes me think about time and the value I do (or perhaps don’t) place on it. Thank you for sharing Trevor!

  2. Wilbert Wilbert

    Interesting view on the description of time. The wide range of human activity activities are scheduled in segments of beginnings and endings. Even the animals, insects, seasonal changes and the earth’s rotations in our solar system and its positioning from the sun is pre-measured by time. Fascinating it is, yet more so because the Bible seems to indicate the Creator of time is not bound it Himself , it is for man to use as a reference to begin and complete his important tasks in a most reasonable period. God doesn’t need it to accomplish his purpose in reasonable period. He performs well without it. Because a second to the Him can be equivalent to 1000 or 7000 years. To the Creator of time posses infinity

    • Trevor Mauch Trevor Mauch

      Yes Wilbert, just thinking about the concept of time is amazing… and really gets us all to think about how we “spend” it… and what it really means in the whole scheme of things. Great insights!

  3. Wilbert Wilbert

    I forgot to say thank you for sharing it. I accidently hit the submit button before making corrections and adjustments.

  4. Michael Borger Michael Borger

    I agree – it’s so easy, especially as business owners, to be so consumed with what we have to do next in order to get the next customer, get the next lead, get the current house sold, etc. When that happens, we don’t really gain anything — instead we lose moment after moment that we can never get back. This is not to say we can’t focus on what’s important, but what’s important isn’t always the next blog post, the next mail campaign or the next phone call.

    It’s a difficult balance to obtain and there’s no right answer for everyone, but as business owners this is an extra challenge that we take on. And when we get it all figured out, then — also, as business owners — we get MORE of it than others.

    My two cents :)

    • Trevor Mauch Trevor Mauch

      I LOVE what you said in there Michael… “whats important isn’t always the next… ” [enter activity here]… it’s like we put more value on what we “have to do or achieve” in the future… vs. what we’re doing at the moment. So we’re not fully present in the moment and can’t do our best at that project in the moment cause half of our mind is thinking about something we have to do tomorrow.

      Totally spot on man! Thanks for the comment Michael!

  5. Dev Horn

    Clever concept, and very cool imagery and editing. I’m not sure I get it tho. Time is in fact an aspect of the universe, not a man-made concept. The universe is getting older, it’s expanding as it ages, in linear time. Trees and other organisms record time in their very construction. Man is not the only one growing old – the world ages with us. The difference is, the world couldn’t care less, while we care an awful lot about TIME.

  6. Gary O'C.

    Alan Watts was a philosopher, east-west religions (died maybe 20 yrs ago). From Einstein’s time, it really becomes more the scientist’s purview… nearly 14 Bill. yrs to the beginning of it? What about those dimensions 5 to 11??

  7. Andrew Studer

    Thanks a ton for sharing this on your website Trevor! I appreciate the philosophical and thoughtful write up!

    • Trevor Mauch Trevor Mauch

      Thanks Andrew! I’m going to start sharing more mindset type things like this. I think it resonated with a lot of people!

  8. Kahl [pron: 'Kay-l'] McDevitt

    At 74+ yo, it’s genuinely mind-boggling to realize I still have plenty to learn. Bravo, Trevor. Great stuff!

    • Trevor Mauch Trevor Mauch

      Kahl! I appreciate the feedback!

      If we’re not learning every day we’re withering at the vine :-) So bravo to you back at improving yourself every day!

  9. Carlson DeAllie CCDD

    Awesome video, it’s always good to feed the brain great info like this. Thanks Trevor!


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