3 Simple Steps To Prepare For Google’s April 21st “Mobile Friendly” SEO Shakeup

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UPDATE: Miss last weeks 100% content call on the April 21st Google “Mobile-friendly” update? See the replay here. 

A couple months back we announced to our InvestorCarrot customers the April 21st timeline that Google will shakeup search rankings in a big way.

One of Google’s own reps said

This update will be bigger than Penguin or Panda

(which were both pretty darn big).

In our experience, Google doesn’t really make it a habit of giving you warning before they make big algorithm updates. In fact, the SEO world didn’t know about the Penguin 3.0 update last October until after it happened (which is the normal process for Google).

But this time, since it’s such a big update that in their own words… will “have significant impact in our search results“, they’re giving everyone fair warning.

In this article I’ll briefly lay out the changes Google is making to help make their search results more “mobile friendly” (which real estate related searches are increasingly being done on mobile devices, as our article last week laid out), plus we’ll give you 3 simple steps to ensure that your website is “mobile friendly” according to Google.

What This April 21st “Mobile Friendly”
Update Will Do

It’s a simple update really, and very simple to follow Google’s rules.

In basic terms, Google is “expanding their use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal” so when people do searches on their cell phones and tablets, preference may be given to a website that is “mobile friendly” according to Google’s standards.

Near the start of 2015 Google released the “mobile friendly” label in search results tab next to websites that Google felt were great to view and read on mobile devices. But this tag wasn’t a factor in where Google ranked a website… it just simply told the searcher what websites were likely to be better to look at on their mobile device.

After April 21st, that “mobile friendly” tag next to the search results will mean quite a bit more. And you’ll likely see the search results adjusted “significantly” so more mobile friendly websites are at the top.

For real estate investors focusing on SEO for lead generation this could mean you’ll lose 30%+ of your traffic overnight if your website isn’t “mobile friendly” according to Google.

That can be a big deal… when our Carrot customers generated over 12,000 leads on mobile devices alone just in the past 30 days.

Is Your Real Estate Investing Website
Really Mobile Friendly?
(hint, even if it’s “responsive”, it may not be)

This has been a big question from real estate investors the past month or two… and the answer isn’t always clear.

The simple answer is NO.

Having a website that’s “responsive” doesn’t mean it’ll pass Google’s “mobile-friendly” test.

Basically Google is looking for these things to determine if a website is “mobile friendly”…

  • Is the text on your website easy to read and not too small?
  • Is your content wider than the screen? (if so, that’s NOT mobile friendly)
  • Do your web pages load fast on mobile devices?
  • Are your videos easily playable on mobile? (avoid flash when possible)
  • Can Google and cell phones access all of the files on your site? (those fancy javascript, image, and css files)
  • Are your error pages mobile friendly?
  • Can Google tell that your website is designed with mobile in mind? (HINT: responsive design is ideal according to Google)

There are some other things… but if you nail those above you should be covered.

If you use WordPress or some WordPress “mobile website plugins” or responsive WordPress themes for real estate… those will likely help you get “mobile-friendly” in Google’s eyes.

But not always.

Below I’ll give you 3 simple steps and a couple free tools to help you make sure you’re all “mobile-friendly” before April 21st 2015.

3 Simple Steps To Ensure Your Real Estate Website Is Mobile Friendly By April 21st

Here are a few steps and tools to see if you need to take any action on your website before April 21st to make sure it doesn’t get penalized by Google in the mobile search rankings.

NOTE: If you’re an InvestorCarrot member, you don’t have to worry about anything. All of your websites are “mobile friendly” according to Google and have been long before they announced this deadline. Plus, we’re continually refining and improving the mobile experience on InvestorCarrot websites so they convert more mobile visitors into leads (to the tune of well over 12,000 mobile leads in the past 30 days).

If you’re not an InvestorCarrot member and don’t want to hassle with keeping up with the latest Mobile updates… take a demo of InvestorCarrot or join us today! Your mobile worries will be over!

1. Test Your Website On Google’s “Mobile Friendly” Tester



Google made a free online test tool where you can put in your website URL and it’ll tell you in about 10 seconds whether it’s “Google mobile friendly” or not.

Google mobile friendly websites WordPress

If it passes the test, yay! You’re good to go!

If you get the red “Not mobile-friendly” note… bummer. But the good news is Google will tell you what to fix.

Again, if you’re an InvestorCarrot member your websites are all mobile-friendly according to Google already.

2. Test Your Website On Our Responsive Design Checker

We’ve built a free online tool to test your website to see what it’ll look like on an iPhone and an iPad.

The test just takes about 5 seconds and you’ll be able to see pretty quickly if your website looks great on an iPhone or not.

As you can see in the screen shot above, our InvestorCarrot websites are fully responsive and look great on mobile devices. Not to mention how well they perform as far as lead generation goes.

Test yours out! If it’s not responsive, see if InvestorCarrot is a fit for you. We worry about the techie stuff so you don’t have to.

3. Join InvestorCarrot To Make it Easy On Yourself :-)


If you find that your real estate investing company website isn’t “Mobile-friendly” according to Google, you’ve got a few choices.

You can either have your web guy get your website upgraded, do it yourself (then do it again when new mobile guidelines come out, and again, etc.), or you can just piggyback on our expertise and let us worry about keeping your business ahead of the curve as far as mobile goes.

Check out our pricing and plans and see what plan is a fit for you.

All of our websites are fully “Mobile-friendly” according to Google’s standards and convert visitors into leads at a much higher than industry average rate because of our Carrot Conversion technology…

… so you can do more of “what makes your heart sing” and less hassling with tech issues.

Take a demo of InvestorCarrot today or just dive right in and let us get you fully Google “Mobile-friendly” well before the April 21st deadline.

We look forward to working with you!

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UPDATE: Miss last weeks 100% content call on the April 21st Google “Mobile-friendly” update? See the replay here. 

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