October Harvest Report – Top Visited Pages & States By SEO Traffic

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This month we will quickly break down our leads by traffic source and then get into a few more interesting reports. We will show you which pages are the most visited and the psychology behind them, and which states generate the most traffic from SEO.

A quick note, the purpose of these harvest reports are not for us to boast. Rather, we want to be transparent, share our data, and allow real estate investors a peek behind the scenes to see what is working for inbound online marketing.

For InvestorCarrot members, use this as inspiration to know that your hard work will pay off and that implementing the training and resources will help you generate more traffic and convert more leads.

For non-Carrot members, use this as research to find out what’s working in today’s market… and then get out there and implement these strategies on your websites!

17,295 Seller, Cash Buyer, Rent To Own & Tenant Leads came in during October

InvestorCarrot members generated 17,295 leads in the 31 days of October.
InvestorCarrot members generated 17,295 leads in the 31 days of October.

We have outlined where these lead sources are coming from in our last couple of posts so we will let you read those for the sake of brevity. Here are August and September’s harvest report.

We have a lot of data to look at and we want these reports to be more than just the same old story repeated month after month. So each report will seek to bring something new and interesting to light. This month we are going to break down 2 reports that are very interesting.

Which InvestorCarrot pages are the most visited

Most members send traffic to their home page. We have ensured the home page loads fast, looks great on mobile and converts leads. But what happens after a user visits the home page? Where do they go? Why do they go there? Do the pages they visit tell you about their interest level?

This report shows which pages are most visited on InvestorCarrot websites.
This report shows which pages are most visited on InvestorCarrot websites.

If you are not an InvestorCarrot member these pages might not mean as much to you. But the traffic that each of these pages generates tells you exactly what the visitor is looking for. For example: the /go/investment-properties/ page is a landing page specifically for capturing cash buyer leads. 

What I found most interesting was how much traffic the “our company” page generates. It shows the importance of building credibility and the psychology of the visitor to your site. They are seeing who is behind the website and they want to be greeted by a friendly real estate investor who can help them out of their situation. 

If you haven’t customized your “our company” page head over and do it right now. Add a personal touch and get your picture up there. As you can see it is a well-visited page on your website.

It is of interest that the blog gets a good amount of traffic, and look how long a user stays on the blog page. They are looking for information and taking the time to become informed by your website. Use this to your advantage. Make sure you are addressing readers questions on your blog by posting regular content that is of high value.

Top 10 states by SEO traffic

Real estate investor seo traffic by state

Last month we showed you which states generated the most leads. Above we showed you how many leads came from SEO, so it only makes sense that these states are also within the top 10 for traffic generated by SEO.

But, what is interesting is the conversion rate of these states. We have talked about SEO and why it is such a high ROI for real estate investors. Having a lead come to your site through a Google search means they are looking for a service that you can provide. Therefore, they are more likely to opt-in and hear about how you can help them.

Don’t see your state on this list? Email us at support@oncarrot.com and we would be happy to share it with you.

What to do with this information

The best thing you can do for your real estate investment business this week to achieve more success and generate more leads is to make sure your pages are customized to build credibility & trust. Edit your “our company” page with a picture of yourself and add a bio. Find a way to interject your personal brand on your website.

Next, take a look at your blog. When was the last time you published content on it?

If you are a Content Pro member we have pre-written, SEO optimized articles waiting for you. The best part? You can schedule them on your blog.

Within minutes you can have fresh content being published on your blog…automatically.

Not an InvestorCarrot member? Consider signing up and getting access to a professional blog, with built in SEO optimization and an evergreen content marketing system. 

If you are in the top 10 states for SEO traffic, find a way to increase your SEO by either targeting a new keyword or editing some content on your page to improve your rankings.

Not sure what to do with SEO? Contact us and let us know what strategy you have been implementing and we can suggest an improvement.

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