[New Page] Access Our Quarterly Lead Data

Carrot Quarterly Lead Data

Ever wonder how Carrot sites are performing as a whole? Ever wonder which site types get the most leads? What about how many of those leads come from mobile and how many come from desktop?

Or the best method for generating leads?

No more wondering.

Introducing Our Lead’s Stats Page

Real Estate Industry Data

The last few months, we racked our brains on how to be even more transparent with our customers and provide real-time value. Eventually, we decided that it wouldn’t only be fun, but it would be beneficial to start publishing our data. We’ve done this in the past with our Harvest Reports. If you’re familiar with those, think of this as our 2nd attempt at creating a clean process to get data to you… fast.

So what can you learn?

You can learn which mediums (direct, organic, referral, or paid) are generating the most leads.

Real Estate Lead Source DataYou can learn which site types are getting the most leads per quarter.

Real Estate Lead Type DataYou will learn about how amazing our support team really is.

Best Real Estate Support Team


You will learn about the importance of mobile flexibility on your website (which all Carrot sites automatically provide).

Real Estate Leads From MobileAnd ultimately, you can watch the trends of the market in real-time as we keep the page updated every quarter.

Why are we doing it?

For one simple reason: it seems like the right thing to do. We have a lot of market data and It doesn’t seem fair to keep all that information to ourselves. So we’re releasing it to you, forever, for free.

Want to dive in right now?

Go here to absorb the numbers.

Carrot Members Generated Over
68,118 Leads Last Month

Is your real estate investor website producing solid results?

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9 Responses to “[New Page] Access Our Quarterly Lead Data”

  1. adambuyshousescompany

    This may be asking too much but would you be able to even go as detailed to give the state by state numbers? For me that’ll be most important especially in a market like Denver.

    • Trevor Mauch Trevor Mauch

      Hey Adam!

      We definitely have that data… in crazy detail actually. We can tell when a market is heating up based on the conversion rate in that market over time (conversion rates decrease as competition increases).

      Here’s a map from the pasts year on the “hot” states as far as leads generated from our platform goes.

      Carrot Leads By State This Past Year

      North Carolina doesn’t have the most leads but it’s got the highest conversion rate by far (on average over 9% of all visitors to those sites convert into a lead… that’s ALL TRAFFIC… even people just randomly landing on their blog posts vs. landing pages).

      But… all of that data should be taken with a grain of salt because this data is based on leads and traffic coming through our clients websites… which is a sample size of about 3,000 investors from around the country. And naturally in markets that are hot… we tend to have more clients in those markets which skews the lead volumes towards those markets naturally.

      Adam, what specifically would you like to see on a per state basis?

      We also have tons of other demographic info… let me know what would be useful and why and we’ll look at our data and see if it makes sense to add to the page. Thanks man!

      • adambuyshousescompany

        Wow this was very awesome to see, with an actual color map too! I really appreciate it. very interesting to see that Texas is the darkest blue out of all of them, which is great for future reference because I actually thought about going into Texas recently to buy rental properties.

        What specifically I would like to see on a per state basis is a very tough question to answer right now without stating the obvious. For Colorado where I’m at now I wish I could see what topics are most dominate for lead generation. Are the majority of leads probate, tired landlords, relocation? Of course that’s every investors dream because it’s kind of like figuring out which list is best to mail to for conversions. Imagine knowing that every time!

      • adambuyshousescompany

        PS. Seriously appreciate you and the On Carrot team! You guys are beast!

  2. Alex Romanov Alexander Romanov

    WOW! This is so cool! Great to see the data. I am wondering if you could tell us what portion of Seller leads came from “Paid” source? Also, what is the “Referral” source, is this leads coming from sites like Facebook?

    • Mike Blankenship

      Hey, Alexander! We’re so glad you like the data! We were super excited to release it :-)

      As for the paid source, that data is released under the lead source category. And you’re exactly right for the referral source! That’s any leads that come from an external website.

      Hope this helps :)

  3. JT

    Thank you for this awesomeness info. Quick question, under the Lead Source section you have Direct, Organic, Referral and Paid. I get Organic and Referral and I’m assuming the Paid is PPC but I’d appreciate more clarity on Direct? Thank you.

    • Alex Alex

      Hey JT,

      You are correct that Paid is PPC but it can be both Facebook and Adwords.

      As for direct traffic. Google Analytics counts direct traffic as anytime someone comes straight to the website by typing it into a browser or if someone has ad blocker turned on it might drop the link referral data and just count it as direct. Sometimes people will bookmark pages and it could come through as direct.

      Anytime Google Analytics isn’t 100% sure I think it counts it as direct.

      Hopefully that helps answer your question.

  4. Jerryll Jerryll

    You posted this on my Birthday! How did you know I wanted this?! ^_^


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