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Custom real estate websites are hard to come by. Maybe not so much real estate websites that say they’re custom, but truly 100% custom real estate investor websites are REALLY HARD TO FIND!

I want to tell you about the 100% customizable real estate investor websites that REI Theme offers. And if you don’t want to read this and you just want to see for yourself, you can test out any one of the packages for $1 for an entire month!

From the layout to the color scheme, content and squeeze pages, these sites offer you full flexibility. The sites are made to where all you need to do is upload your own header logo and then you’re good to go if you focus on foreclosures, however they’re intended to be customized on your own time to fit your own company. They have premade forms, squeeze pages, and a very easily editable backend to adjust layout and color schemes etc.

Why pre make the website for each customer if they’re supposed to change everything anyway? A couple reasons. First is so that there is no down time for the customer while they’re adding content and pictures. The customer has a site from the get go so they can use to bring in traffic, sign people up to mailing lists and that looks professional. Secondly and more importantly however the site is created for Search Engine Optimization. The pre packed content is littered with SEO keywords to better rank your site in search rankings such as Google and Bing. Even the images that are already put in each site have SEO plugged into them. The SEO of the site and REI Theme’s focus to help you rank well in search rankings is really the butter on the biscuit of these sites. It’s what makes REI Theme so special. However, the customer service and tech team are what REI Theme really takes pride in.

REI Theme offers website customization to save you time and money. It comes at a small fee, but is minuscule to what you’d pay a web developer to do your work. REI Theme also has an array of how to videos to answer your questions and show you step by step how to do what you want to do. Everything from logo design to changes to the website coding can be done by REI Theme for you.

So if you’re looking for a custom real estate investor website REI Theme is the only truly customizable option on the market. REI Theme is inexpensive, responsive, trustworthy, and most importantly, they produce results for those that put in the effort. Check out the site at


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2 Responses to “Custom Real Estate Websites”

  1. Wendall Collins

    Would liketo replace our old web site with a new web site since it is under an old forma–Let’s discuss 561-744-5931t

    • Trevor Mauch trevor

      Hey Wendall! Thanks for the comment!

      Awesome Wendall! Sorry on the delay.

      We’re ready when you are. Just go to and select the plan that fits your needs.

      Currently (as of the time I type this, May 2013), the only difference between the plans is the # of websites you get. Solo is 1 website (choose a cash buyer, motivated seller, or main branding site), Lite is 2 websites (choose 2), Pro is 3 websites (choose 3).

      If you have specific questions lets hop on the phone if you want :-)

      – Trevor


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