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Anatomy of a Cash Buyer Website Converting Investor Leads at 39.27%

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anatomy of a cash buyer website
This is a Carrot Test Kitchen post… helping YOU understand the art and science of online lead generation for high-achieving real estate investors.
Actual Results: See some ways we increase conversions on our Carrot system and how our members are getting nearly 40% – 55% conversion rates on their cash buyer websites below…

People talk about “conversions” all of the time with websites, but here at Carrot… we show you real stats from real tests that we’re running with real Carrot customers. Cool eh?

In this Carrot Test Kitchen article, you’ll see how we’re able to get our cash buyer websites converting (depending on the Carrot member) between 35% – 55% of visitors to cash buyer leads.

Now, yes, cash buyers and tenant buyers are easier leads to get than Motivated Seller leads… so you shouldn’t expect to see these types of conversion rates on your Motivated Seller websites… seller leads are just harder to come by.

Download our 16 Point Real Estate Investor Website Conversion Rate Checklist

But the cool thing is… the same elements that make our Cash Buyer websites convert so well are built right into your Motivated Seller websites as well!

Today I’m going to break down exactly how our Cash Buyer sites work to generate consistently high conversion rates (across our user network) and show you some unexpected strategies that we’ve used in the design.

Then I’ll show you a current test we’re running right now – it’s generating some very cool results and improving conversions even more.

If you’re a Carrot member, you can start implementing the changes on your sites right away… and if you’re not, go here now and get signed up.

So without further ado…

5 Conversion Boosting Elements To Get Consistently High Conversion Rates from your Cash Buyer Website


The screenshot above shows the traffic for about 9 weeks to the home page of a certain Cash Buyer site that’s on our system.

The main “lead page” on that same website (the same Lead Page we have built-in by default on all of our Cash Buyer websites) is converting even higher… at 47.22% right now. Pretty darn good numbers.

Here’s a screenshot of her home page of the site:

This “Cash Buyer” website hasn’t been personalized hardly at all from our default format… it’s 98% the way it was when she launched it in our Carrot system. She got the site up within minutes… made an hour of customizations, and got to work!

4 Key Conversion Boosting Elements On This Website (And all of our Carrot websites)

Our Carrot system has about 24 conversion-boosting elements built into your websites… we’ll show you 4 of the 24 on this Cash Buyer website that is helping conversions big time.

There are a lot of key features about this page that we’ve honed over the years while getting over 80,000 leads through our systems.

1. The offer is clear and 2. your eye is drawn to it immediately

“Show Me The Deals”… with a big HUGE button on the opt-in box (read this post about how the bigger button increased conversions 29%! >>). Nothing distracts the visitor from that objective, which helps to increase conversions. There is no paradox of choice created here. Also, notice our button doesn’t say “Sign Up” or “Submit”. Give people what they are looking for right there in your opt-in button. (this is already built into our Carrot system). 

Also, notice the red arrow that points directly to the opt-in box to the right… that directs the eye to the form and has shown to increase conversions 15-26% in some tests.

Heat Map Image: This shows the places on the website cash buyers are engaging in the content. Notice the big bold button below the opt-in box. That increased conversions 29%. Also, notice the VERY CLEAR call to action.

3. There is a nice balance between text and visuals that keeps the eye moving around.

Notice on the Heat Map (a heat map is simply software that helps us track the places website visitors engage in the page)… that we have great content built into the website + engaging visuals to keep the reader interested.  See where the bright spots are below where people are clicking on parts of our content and the banner image in the sidebar that is designed to look like real text?  None of this is an accident… it’s all designed to work this way.

When people click these links it takes them to the main lead page that is converting at 47.22% on this particular website. Again, all of this is built into all Carrot websites already… so if you’re a Carrot member… don’t worry, your cash buyer sites already have all of these elements and the content built right in!

If you’re not a Carrot member and want to leverage our system, awesome! You can see our plans and pricing here.

COPYRIGHT NOTICE: All of the content on our websites are 100% Copyright protected and owned by our company. Only active paying Carrot members can use the content on our websites. If we find people copying our content off of our member’s websites or from our images on this page, we will pursue violators for copyright infringement. 


NOTE: Again, please be creative and write your own content. The content above is owned and written by Carrot… and only available for use by our active paying members. We actively monitor the internet to find people infringing on our copyright and pursue action. We have to do this to protect our active members and the investment they and we have made. If you’d like to leverage our system, our content, see our pricing and plans and come aboard, we’d love to have ya! 

Encourage people to browse if they’re not immediately ready to opt-in

We encourage the visitor to click around. But you say… “everyone tells me that people should just land on a squeeze page. They say links decreases conversions”.  It’s true… but NOT ALWAYS. We’ve tested it and driving people to the home page of our websites has consistently had higher conversions than driving people only to a squeeze page with no links.


Because we’ve built our Carrot system so your homepage IS a LEAD PAGE… BUT, the visitors that aren’t ready to convert immediately then also have very engaging and compelling content to browse around.  The content we’ve built into the websites is built to convert visitors on EVERY PAGE of the website… so even if they browse around… every page has an option for them to convert.

4. The site looks professional, but not corporate.

The design feels friendly, with access to testimonials and company info are upfront – encouraging visitors to check out your credentials helps to boost credibility, which increases conversions.

We’ve run tests and more often than not, websites that are clean and professional… but NOT a corporate feeling… tend to convert higher. Some of our highest converting pages, in fact, are some of the ones that look the least attractive. Why? I guess it makes people feel a better connection with the business behind the website because it’s less “businessey” and more “I’m a real person”.

Make sense? :-)

Here’s A Bonus Conversion Booster – Localize Your Call To Action

We’ve talked about localizing your website content before on our training webinars… in almost every case it increases conversions.

In fact, we’re currently running this test (it’s still in progress so we’re still collecting data)… but the results so far are pretty cool and we expect the results to remain this way as more visitors land on this particular cash buyer website from a South Florida Carrot member:

The Control: The Call To Action button says “Show Me The Deals!! converting at 20.93%

 The Variation We Tested: We just localized the Call To Action to “See South Florida Deals!!” converting at 29.41%!

Just “localizing” the button improved conversions by 9%!

Simple eh?

We’re continually testing things like this on our system with our members and when we find something like this that converts better… we build it right into the system OR we email our members to let them know to make the update :-)

A huge benefit of being a Carrot member.

How To Boost Your Own Real Estate Cash Buyer Leads And Conversions

We only had time to show 4 of the 24 “conversion boosters” in this Carrot Test Kitchen article that is helping the cash buyer conversion rates reach upwards of 40-55%. On this particular website in Denver, their home page converts just under 40% while the main lead page that the home page links to (built into your websites Carrot members!) is converting at almost 50%.

If you are a Carrot member, all of the elements in this article are ALREADY BUILT into your websites. You don’t have to do anything. Awesome being a Carrot member eh?

If you are not a Carrot member, don’t fret… go to your web guy and tell him to…

  1. Make your opt-in button bigger (ideally, the width of the actual opt-in box fields, like ours is on the examples on this page)
  2. Make the CTA (Call to Action) very clear and benefit-oriented. If yours says “Submit” or “Join”… update it ASAP to explain the benefit your web visitor will get when they opt-in
  3. If you’re only using a squeeze page to build your cash buyer list… you’re missing the boat. Make your home page a lead generation page and build your website content so it’s engaging, builds credibility, and gives people places to opt-in on every page
  4. Build in a “2 Step Opt-In” into your websites

This one thing has boosted conversions on cash buyer websites, seller websites, and tenant websites by as much as 34%… AND, increased the quality of the leads on the backend in a HUGE way.

We’ll walk through this 2 Step Opt-In Process in detail w/ examples and actual numbers next week.

Quite the cliffhanger eh? :-)

What To Do Next

If you want our help building your traffic to your site, our SEO service is the first step you must take.

If you want to learn what you can do to get more leads, read this post… “Why You’re Not Getting Motivated Seller Leads Through Your Real Estate Investing Website and What To Do About It

If you’re not already a Carrot Member, watch the demo video here or see our pricing below.

See Carrot Pricing And Plans 

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4 responses to “Anatomy of a Cash Buyer Website Converting Investor Leads at 39.27%

    1. Hi Craig,

      When you’re first starting off it can be tough to build a cash buyer list without any inventory.

      Some folks launch a cash buyer site without any properties, but getting people to sign up under false pretenses isn’t a good way to start a business relationship.

      Here are a few ideas to get deals happening for you within the next 30-180 days (or sooner with some luck and a lot of hard work):

      1) Set up a Seller site with InvestorCarrot to start getting some leads for discount properties

      2) Set up a main company site with InvestorCarrot that offers your services helping investors to find discounted properties.

      3) Write 6-12 short ads offering your services with links back to Lead Pages on your sites. Make sure to write compelling ads that appeal directly to Investors and Sellers. If you can show them how you can add value, you will get people to sign up. Try not to sound spammy or salesy, and give good information that people can use.

      4) Post those ads often on as many sites (Craigslist, backpage, reddit, zillow) as will let you. On some sites you may want to re-write them into short articles (and blog posts) — always with links back to your landing pages.

      5) Work ***really hard*** to build traffic to your sites (check out this post for details to make sure your market has enough demand): )

      ***EXTRA Bonus Tip: Reach out to local successful real estate brokers and any real estate investment companies who are nearby and asking if you can help them to grow their businesses. Ask them lots of good questions about their company, who they are, what types of property they want to purchase/sell, who their best clients are, how they want to grow their business, and how they see the future of investment in your area. Some of those folks will be quick to dismiss you as a newbie, but if you can show your sincere dedication to creating wealth for yourself and those around you… certain real estate pros know LOTS of ways to make money in their market, and they’ll show you if you can add value to their business at the same time.

      Remember: Lots of successful marketing campaigns only have success rates of 2-10%… so figure that for every 2 people who say YES to you, you might meet 98 folks who say NO. If you stick with it and work super hard, you can make it in real estate.

      BUT… if you need income right now, you’ll have to find a job… cause real estate can be a real tough business when you’re brand spankin’ new at it.

      Good luck man, and hang in there!

    2. Hey Craig! If you don’t have deals to show them no biggie at all!

      Everyone has to start somewhere.

      What you do is you create a few sample listings of products representative to the types of deals you do… and list “SOLD” on them or something.

      Then after people opt in… you send them to a page that says “Welcome in! Be on the lookout in your email box for new deals as we get them. They go fast so make sure to open the emails as they come in!”

      Then, go out and call all of the “we buy houses” bandit signs around town and all of the we buy houses craigslist ads and network w/ them to see if they wouldn’t mind letting you know about properties they need to sell… and you can spread the word to your cash buyer list in exchange for a “marketing fee” if someone from your list buys the property.

      Get creative!

      Those pages as I lined them out above are already built that way inside of InvestorCarrot… so if you don’t have a website join up! <<== Go there - Trevor

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