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42 Reasons to Be A Part of Carrot Now

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Have you been thinking about joining Carrot, but need a few more reasons?

Today’s post will show you 42 Reasons to Be A Part of Carrot Now

We’ve always wanted to make sure you’re satisfied with what you get from us.

For us, customer satisfaction is about how happy we make our customers. We always wanna add a ton of value to everything we provide, and so we focus a lot on delivering insane value.

We know that a huge amount of value is baked into what we offer, but what we really love is hearing how Carrot impacts the lives of our customers.

Over the past few months, we’ve been collecting testimonials that come in about our business… we pop them into a special spot in our internal chat tool called Awesomeness.

I’ve just read thru all the ones that came thru (lots!), and there were 5 top reasons that shone thru:#1

#1 Service and Support

Lots of customers mentioned how much they loved getting fast response from the Live Chat, special advice to help them solve a difficult problem, or times when our team members went the extra mile to help them out — our customer service was the #1 thing most frequently mentioned in our Awesomeness collection.

#2 Leads

We love hearing how well our customers are doing by using our products… since that’s why we make them! So it’s really cool that the second most common thing mentioned in our Awesomeness collection was leads, deals or profits! We just did the math, and our system sends a new lead to an investor every 3.6 seconds, on average… we know it works, but it’s great to hear it from our customers.

#3 Training

Every week our live Coaching Calls get great feedback from our members. It’s funny, when I first started I assumed that only the newbie investors would want to hang out… I quickly found out that there are some rockstars who show up every week to participate and learn with us. It’s a collaboration. We teach a few things, but we learn a whole lot more from our customers. It’s part of the collaborative community that we’re building here at Carrot, where investors from around the country are learning together. Oh yeah, and we’ve gotten some great comments from our paid trainings, too. :)

#4 Websites

People love our websites, and they’re the 4th most common reason people give for their testimonial. We test them a ton, so we know they perform well… but it’s nice to hear people say that they love our sites since we work hard to make them awesome. :)

#5 People

The other thing we hear a lot is about us… We work hard to create solid relationships with our customers, so we get a lot of enthusiastic compliments. It makes us blush a little bit, but really – it makes me thrilled to know that I work with a great group of people who love doing a good job for our members.

Here are 36 more reasons to be a part of Carrot, directly in the words of our customers:

  1. “I am very happy about working with a group that shows the integrity that Investor Carrot shows. You guys are awesome. I’m thrilled to be a part of it.” – Cody Cox, President of NW REIA
  2. “Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the webinar Friday! Have to say your product is one of the best I’ve seen.” – Lynn Garrison,  Urban Light Homes
  3. “We put up 3 or 4 Craigslist ads right after we got the first part of the P2P program, and we’ve been slammed! We’ve gotten so many leads this week – 15 rent-to-own, 36 new buyers, and a bunch of motivated  sellers too!” – Michael Mackay
  4. “just a few lines to let you know that I got a number of cash investors leads on your site with no SEO. Your site is exactly what I need to grow my business. Keep the great work going !!!” – Gowkarran Singh
  5. “You guys are great! I feel like we’ve got a team on our side that really gets lead generation. I’m really happy to have such great people helping us build our business!”- Aaron Lazar
  6. “Simply the best!! Carrot is a first-class company with superior customer service!” – Jamie Lazar
  7. “I want to thank the whole team at investor carrot for your excellent customer support. I really appreciate you all.” Shatuan Collins
  8. “Great job [on today’s coaching call]. I learn something every time.” – Sharon Vornholt
  10. “Hi Trevor, Thanks for inventing the Investor Carrot System…. It’s Brilliant!” – Ian Mvula
  11. “3 leads a day is some awesome info and well worth the $99 bucks!!!” – Dan Pressler
  12. “Great job as always Guys!  The great thing you guys do!” – Roy Dynesius
  13. “You guys customer support is bar none.” Ryan Johnson
  14. “I just want to say that I’m very impressed by your websites. They look really really good.” – Todd Maiden
  15. “Laura and I just closed our first deal too after a year of making offers…it came from Craigslist calling FSBO ads, Plus he did go to our Carrot site to check us out to see if we were real…lol.   Profit Should be around $22K. We are doing a complete fix ‘n flip on it…$97K purchase, $40K renovations, ARV $160K…” – DP on July 2nd coaching call
  16. “Man, I’ve got to tell you guys how much I’m impressed with Carrot. Every time I log in there I see the attention to detail and how every change you guys are making is specifically geared to help make things more effective and easier for us. Man, I’ve been talking to some big-time investors and have been telling them all to sign up for Carrot. Really impressed and I want to help you guys blow this thing up.” – Joe McCall

  17. “Great webinar, very impressive service you provide. I am excited to begin the quest to top rankings. ” Andrew Labaron via July 9th Coaching Call.
  18. “Thank You, Jake, for your timely, knowledgeable, and people-friendly client care.” – Wayne Vangorder

  19. “the 3 Lead per day training is one of the BEST trainings I have ever done. great value – info that really works.” Bob Conroy – via July 9th Coaching Call
  20. “I

    closed my first 1  last week, it came from the seller site on Carrot I almost gave up on the lead but stayed with it and closed it for $12k” – RC

  21. “I LOVE the Carrot!!!!! What a super clever name too. Thanks for all you contribute to so many.” – Melodee Lucido

  22. “Dang..that’s service! I’m greatly impressed…Thank you!!”- Steve Silvestre

  23. “I just want to let you know that I am so happy and grateful that your company has made available such a wonderful product!” -Victoria Winters

  24. “You have made this so easy for me. I wish you were my tech guy at our company.” -Nelson

  25. “You have been AWESOME in this early process and we haven’t even done anything yet. The knowledge and info you have given me so far on what Carrot’s going to do for my business is priceless.” — Ervin Baldwin

  26. “Hi. I just want to give a thank you for the webinars you guys do… really great stuff. Best in the business! Thanks again!” – Greg Robinson
  27. “Listen.  Thank you and your team.  As a business owner, there are so many moving parts.  You guys are prompt and extremely helpful.  A sincere thank you.” -Percy Ellsworth

  28. “I second that comment that 3 lead per day training great and it works!” Brenda Lovejoy – via July 9th Coaching Call
  29. “Aaron that was amazing insight! I hope you don’t mind that I contact you but with you having experience as an agent it helps me to read emails just like this. After reading the email and thinking I haven’t landed 1 client that has come from the IDX that my broker provides. Several have told me that it looked nice but nothing more. I think the approach you laid out is exactly what I need, needed to hear, and looking forward to. Thanks for over-delivering man!” – DeAndre L. Thomas
  30. “btw, I just closed on my first wholesale last week!  Got the deal based on what I learned! My deal came from craigslist but he looked at my site and submitted his info.”  Brenda Lovejoy via July 9th MM Call
  31. “Gosh Aaron, You brought tears to my eyes reading this email…because it came through to me that you care.  That means so much for me to feel about you because, you know, these days are all about what most people can get before they give…and yes, I am dealing with a lot these days, that was unexpected. ” – Yolanda
  32. “Now that I’m running the Craigslist program… Starting to get leads. just took a Craiglist lead call…Appointment is set…GREAT  WORK Investor Carrot!” – Cortez Robbs on July 2nd Coaching Call
  33. I love the fact that I can make the website look pretty much any way that I want rather than having those fill in the blank websites. It is really nice. I am still working on it slowly but surely. ” – Shane Lehman
  34. “I’ve been with you since the beginning, and the training, customer service and support have always been awesome. I really haven’t seen any other companies doing anything like it. A lot of companies try to do a little bit of everything and not hone in on one thing. I really like that you guys are focused on getting leads just for real estate investors. You know our business because that’s your specialty. Everyone’s getting into real estate right now so it’s a struggle, investors always seem to slack on getting deals into the pipeline. Some of my colleagues are doing it very old-school, and we love working with you so we can stay on the cutting edge.” – Ellie Verdura
  35. “I am very graceful Trevor developed such a, functional, user-friendly, distinctive and result fulfilling business website too that works better than anything out there…  I have every reason to believe your productive website and services surpasses its weight in gold, it is definitely valued at platinum grade. ” Wilbert Dorn
  36. “Jake. You’re a GENIOUS! Works like a champ. You can’t imagine how much time and agony I’ve gone through wrestling with this. Tell ya what,… Go tell Trevor that KEVIN says you deserve a raise :grinning: Thanks a TON man!” – Kevin Enos’
  37. “I wanted to take a minute to acknowledge one of the most lucrative tools in my arsenal of marketing. Carrot websites provide more tools, education, content and overall value of any website service I have ever been with. Most recently I had some questions about some features with the administration page. Carrot not only addressed the problem but within days, made changes to the system to address these issues. I’ve never seen a company with customer service at this level. It’s truly unprecedented. Besides the excellent customer service, the website is capable of producing more traffic then any I’ve been with in the past. I don’t see ever leaving Carrot. And with more updates I know are coming, I don’t see how anyone can even compete with them. Thanks Carrot! You ROCK!” – Jeff Steup

There you go. 42 reasons to Join Carrot today. And, that’s just a snapshot of the 1000’s of real estate professionals that we’ve been so, so grateful to help over the years.

Aaron McManus

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