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We love engaging in BiggerPockets threads about Carrot, here are a few of the reasons why BiggerPockets members love Carrot websites.

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Reason #1 — Website Performance

We talk about it all the time. But we love seeing our members sharing their lead results with the BiggerPockets community.

When we mention performance we are talking about driving traffic to a website that is KNOWN to convert visitors into leads. To do this you need a few critical elements on your website. Your real estate investor website must be

  • Load fast
  • Be mobile friendly
  • Answer their questions
  • Get the visitor to take a specific action
  • Builds credibility and trust

When your website performs for your business you are able to pay more per lead because you know how much traffic you need to send to your website to close a deal. That is how the top investors are able to crush it in their market with Carrot websites.

I have been consistently closing 1 to 4 deals a month. My closing rate per lead is about 1 deal for every 20 to 23 leads I get.

Tyler Ford Tyler Ford
We Buy Homes In Tucson

So…. Looks like I’m eating my words. Just had someone fill out the form on my site. They called me after a Google search about selling their home in my market…. Well done guys.

Ryan Dossey Ryan Dossey
Christopher Ellyn Homes

Carrot is fairly cheap at like $50 or so per month, they have excellent customer service. For example, I’ve been expanding to my YouTube channel quite a bit. I ran into a quirk where I just couldn’t associate my website with my youtube channel…bam – 1 hour, they had a tutorial, it was linked up.

Same issue with Facebook conversions – I tried over and over to get the Facebook conversions to come up on the Facebook tracking page. I eventually connected with a knowledgeable guy at Carrot and he went right into the website, fixed it up – bam – all connected.

As an owner of an SEO company with many clients in the REI industry, I can say that Investor Carrot is by far the best website solution that I’ve seen to date. It’s easy to work with for people who want to get up and running out of the gate and it’s flexible enough for experienced site builders and “SEO’ers” to really be able to get additional power out of it.

Definitely worth the money (in my opinion); I have no connection with IC, in fact, we are “friendly competitors” in some area… but, the facts are the facts!!!

Reason #2 — Working With Carrot Is A Dream Come True

At Carrot, we take customer experience VERY seriously. As we have grown our customer success team has developed into a huge value-add for our members.

Our customer success team is highly skilled and ready to tackle both your technical issues and strategy related issues.

Carrot members enjoy world-class customer service by our team going above and beyond to help you. We want you to view us as more than a website provider and a platform where you can run your business. We want to be a part of your marketing and content team.

I use four OnCarrot sites. The platform works for me. I have generated over 1000 leads. (buyer,seller,rto). Their support is awesome and they know what they are doing. 99% of my questions are answered within minutes so I can keep moving.

Mason Nettles Mason Nettles
Mason Buys Hosues

Probably the most valuable part of the website is the support and online tutorials that are provided. They not only provide info about how to set up your site, but also teach you how to better your search engine rankings. You will have to put in time to make your website work well, but they provide great resources.

Trevor also hosts weekly Mastermind calls which are very informative. They often uses customers’ websites as examples and do updates on the calls to better optimize the sites. Overall I’m happy with the product and recommend it.

Use OnCarrot. I was using a competitor company and never got a single lead. Switched to OnCarrot and get consistent leads. They have educational modules that teach you how to use Craigslist to drive traffic to your website for free. They have educational modules that teach you how to use Google AdWords to drive traffic to your site for a small amount of money.  I’m only spending $10 a day on AdWords and I’m getting leads in my market.

Phil Reames Phil Reames
I Buy Houses Kalamazoo

I at one point built my own, recently I switched to a good online marketing company that provides websites for investors and my conversion rates went through the roof

Kim Tucker Kim Tucker
KCMO Home Buyers

Reason #3 — Save Time

We hear it from our customer’s all the time…”I wish I would have switched sooner.”

We have been involved in the real estate industry for years and know a thing or two about optimizing a site, building amazing software, and delivering a ton of value to our members.

Save yourself from the countless hours of trying to be a tech and marketing genius and use a trusted platform that works.

From site creation to automated content, to tracking where your leads are coming from…Carrot does it all for you.

Save time and work IN your business not ON your business.

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