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How To Generate 3 Leads Per Day To Your New Carrot Website System

We spent several months going through all of the ways we and our best members are driving qualified traffic that turn into leads to our Carrot websites…

… and the single biggest road block investors have told us they are having online is driving traffic to their websites.

Attracting Motivated Sellers who need to sell fast to your site, Attracting Cash Buyers who are looking to buy investment properties to your site — even attracting potential private money partners to your site.

No Traffic = No Leads

You’ll find that we focus heavily with the Carrot system on Search Engine Optimization and creating web pages that convert.

From day one your website will have a head start on the SEO side of things and there are “done for you” landing pages all ready and waiting for you in your websites when you create them.

Yet, too many people create their website, don’t do anything… and sit and wait for traffic to come in.

Some will get some traffic and leads without doing anything after they set up their Carrot sites, some won’t. It all depends on how competitive your market is. It’s a crap shoot.

This is the fastest path to squashing your dreams of generating leads online for your real estate business.

And This is NOT What I Desire For You

So, we’ve gone through and examined where our leads are coming in from, filmed videos showing exactly what we’re doing so you can simply “watch then do” what we teach.

We’ve compiled…

Exact steps to set up a Google adwords account and how to plan your campaign around keywords that will drive the highest ROI. Plus how to optimize your PPC campaigns and manage them for the long run.

Step by step the simplest way to give your web pages an SEO boost that anyone can do (literally, if you can log into your Carrot account you can make these SEO Boosts happen). We cover both on and off page SEO which is huge for helping your site get ranked.

How to optimize your YouTube videos to rank well in Google and drive traffic back to your website.

Exactly what you can do to analyze your competition and optimize your content and rankings to give you a distinct advantage.

How to claim your "digital footprint" to help your website rank higher for local searches.

… and more.

Some people are generating 10+ leads a day using the strategies in this 3 Lead Per Day Traffic course… the average is about 3 Leads Per Day (when people do some of what we show you how to do)… so we’re calling it the 3 Lead Per Day Training Course.

mark-testimonial“My site went from page 4 to #2 on Google for my main terms!”

“I just wanted to let you know I haven’t done anything other than what was done on my onpage optimization (just 1 of the 8 3LPD modules) and my site went from page 4 in Google to now page #1! Good job man! The site is doing great!”

Mark Palladino,

trevor“I get 1-3 new tenant leads per week now with my new Carrot site”

Yes, I’m the founder of Carrot… but I use Carrot for my own business too. I set up a site at and another at and both were ranked on page 1 for several of my key terms and I’m getting tenant leads every week now that I pass along to my property manager. I got my first lead within 9 days of setting up one of those sites 100% through using only 1 of the 8 modules in the 3LPD course that took about 90 minutes to apply to my website.”

Trevor Mauch, Founder of Carrot and investor

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We spent 2 whole months updating this course for 2015 (also just released a 2016 update including a full component on backlink building... so you’re one of the first to get access to it!), and we’ll be creating trainings and doing live webinars to go into this course that’ll walk you through every step on…

  • How to use "Retargeting" to "fetch-back" visitors to your site to convert them into leads
  • How to use Facebook to build massive credibility and build a cash buyers list FAST without going broke
  • From basics to advanced Search Engine Optimization to get your website ranked higher
  • How to outsource your 3LPD work if you would rather hire someone to do all of the work
  • How to increase the conversion on your Carrot website using simple ”no brainer” tweaks (that most people think don’t work because they’re so obvious)

… and more.

A New Carrot Member Special Offer…

Since this training is so critical to any investors success… and we know that when people are getting consistent leads into their Carrot system they tend to stay with us for a LONG time…

…we’re making this a no brainer and as low cost as we can make it for ya.

We’re including…

My training modules that alone have helped me generate over 5,000 leads in the last 2 years… are worth at least $300… is included.

All of the PPC ads that we’ve found work, the email autoresponders that convert, the exact SEO keywords you should be focusing on in your market (and the ones that are a WASTE of time)… that’s all included.

PLUS, something we’ve never done before… because we’re looking to build some great case studies with this training program showing it’s power and simplicity to generate leads online with your Carrot site…

Since you’re a new Carrot member, you’ll only pay $99.

You’ll get access to the training for life… so as we update it with new traffic methods… you’ll get them.

Our Customers Get Top Ranked Google Results!


You can Google hundreds of phrases for motivated sellers and buyers across the country and see Carrot members ranking in the top 3 spots in Google and pulling in leads. For more proof... our Carrot members are ranking #1 for phrases like... "sell house fast baltimore", "we buy houses bakersfield" , "we buy houses houston" , "sell house fast birmingham" and more. All together our members are pulling in over 14,000 leads per month right now using what we teach in the 3 Lead Per Day Training.

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Get an advantage with your Carrot site and learn how to drive quality traffic to your site.

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Welcome aboard again and we’re here for ya!

- Trevor
Founder of Carrot


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