37 Blog Topics For Real Estate Investors

Blog Post Ideas For Real Estate Investors

Here is a list of topics broken down into their targeted audience. Feel free to take these exact topics and write about them on your blog or social media accounts.

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Motivated Seller Topics

  1. Top problems sellers face when trying to sell their property through traditional methods (and why selling their home for cash to you is so much better).
  2. Top ways that sellers can improve their home’s curb appeal before selling it.
  3. How to find the best real estate agent in your area.
  4. How much should a seller ask for their home?
  5. How long does it take to sell a home in the various ways (i.e. compare traditional, FSBO, or selling to an investor).
  6. Step-by-step checklist that a seller can use to prep their home for sale.
  7. How to work with an investor – what to expect, how quickly they can help, who should be involved.
  8. Top problems faced by people in foreclosure.
  9. How does the foreclosure process work?
  10. What are the ways to avoid foreclosure?
  11. If a homeowner files for bankruptcy, can they stay in their property and avoid foreclosure?
  12. A checklist of qualifications that someone needs if they want to get a mortgage.
  13. Choose a news story and show how it impacts sellers or buyers.

Cash Buyer Topics

  1. Top problems buyers face when looking to buy for cash flow.
  2. How many cash-flowing properties do you need to retire early?
  3. Compare investing in different property types (such as a rehab-to-rental versus turnkey).
  4. A due diligence checklist of what an investor should look for before buying a property.
  5. What a first-time buyer can expect when doing a deal with an investor – what to expect, how quickly they can help, etc.
  6. Where buyers can find money to do more deals (savings, mortgage loans, lines of credit, private money, etc.).
  7. A step-by-step plan to build a portfolio of cash flowing deals.
  8. Top problems buyers face when looking for rehab properties.
  9. Strategies to control costs on rehab properties.
  10. How to do due diligence when you can’t tear down every wall.
  11. How to negotiate with contractors and sub-contractors.
  12. How to work with contractors and sub-contractors and get them to finish the work on time.
  13. What someone should know before investing in your specific market.
  14. How investors can network with people to find private capital.
  15. What areas of your market have the biggest opportunity for cash flow.
  16. Market trends: Where the market is going and specific evidence that supports it.

Rent To Own Topics

  1. Strategies to deal with tenant problems.
  2. How to interview tenants and know when you’ve found the right one.
  3. Ways to increase cash flow from your properties.
  4. How to find a great property management company to work with.
  5. Top problems that rent-to-own tenants face, and how working with you can solve those problems.
    Step-by-step through the rent-to-own process.
  6. What does someone need to qualify for rent-to-own?
  7. A comparison of the various ways to buy a home (mortgage, rent-to-own).

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